Ceb has Twitter meltdown after OG misses WePlay AniMajor

By Steven Rondina


May 20, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

Anyone that follows European Dota 2 teams on Twitter has seen plenty of shade getting thrown over the last 18 months, but not everyone can comfortably take the heat.

Sebastian “Ceb” Debs isn’t taking kindly to the dogpiling that has happened to his team, OG. The two-time The International champions are set to miss out on the WePlay AniMajor after a fifth-place finish in DreamLeague Season 15 and will need to work their way into The International 10 through regional qualifiers.

A number of regional rivals took a swipe at OG for this. Ceb took umbrage, particularly with MidOrMeepo, who works with Team Secret’s social media staff. They took to Twitter to show screenshotted DMs from Ceb, who tore into them:

It’s unclear what triggered this latest eruption from Ceb, but it follows Team Secret torching OG on Twitter following their loss to Team Liquid. The match was OG’s last one of DreamLeague Season 15 and left them in fifth place, officially knocking them out of contention for the major.

After MidOrMeepo posted the DM, things escalated with Ceb saying he was taking his message out of context. This prompted MidOrMeepo to post the full logs which didn’t really acquit Ceb of anything. The two went back and forth from there, with a number of other Dota 2 personalities stepping into the argument.

The frustration from Ceb is somewhat strange given the fact that OG has been the driving force behind Europe’s persistent smack talk. Their run at The International 2019 saw the team ruthlessly mock opponents using in-game banners, tips, chat wheel sounds, and more. 

That eventually made its way to social media, with OG and a number of other organizations taking swipes at one another. Though some of this has been pointed, no one has been quite so publicly sore about it until now.

Who is competing at the WePlay AniMajor?

The list of competitors for the WePlay Animajor includes the following teams:

  • Alliance
  • Team Liquid
  • Team Spirit
  • Team Secret
  • Team Nigma
  • NoPing e-sports
  • T1
  • TNC Predator

A number of these need to go through qualifiers in order to determine where they will start at the event. Europe’s teams are not among that lot however, as Alliance will start in the playoffs, Team Liquid will start in the group stage, and Team Nigma and Team Secret will start in the wildcard stage.

OG missed out on the WePlay AniMajor after finishing the season with a 3-4 record. OG was wildly inconsistent during the year, scoring victories over Team Secret, Hellbear Smashers, and Brame while losing to Nigma, Liquid, Alliance, and Tundra Esports. At times, OG looked to be in peak form but it wasn’t able to maintain that steadily. OG wasn’t alone in this sense, as European teams featured some stiff competition, though most of those teams struggled to perform internationally at the most recent Dota 2 major.

Depending on how things unfold at the new major and with the new approach to qualifiers, OG may find itself watching The International 10 at home.