Can Tynamo be shiny in Pokemon Go?

By Melany Moncada


Jan 31, 2023

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Almost seven years after its release, it is still unclear how Pokemon Go chooses which Pokemon to add to the game. Pokemon Go might release the basic form and not the shiny or alternative forms. Your favorite version of a Pokemon might be missing for a while. If you are wondering, can Tynamo be shiny in Pokemon Go? We have an explanation for you.

Tynamo is an eel-like Pokemon and Electric type from the Unova region. At level 39, it evolves into Eelektrik, and after bing exposed to a Thunder Stone, it evolves into Eelektross.

Tynamo made its Pokemon Go debut in March 2021 during the Charge Up event. This event featured Electric type Pokemon, including Mega Manectric and Thundurus, a Legendary Pokemon from Unova.

Since then, Tynamo has been part of different events, including the Festival of Lights in 2021 and Evolving Stars in 2022. This year, Tynamo had a Spotlight Hour on January 24, being the only Pokemon featured in January without a shiny version available.

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Can Tynamo be shiny in Pokemon Go?

In short, no. It is normal for Pokemon Go to take years to add an alternative form of a Pokemon. Let’s take, for example, Manectric.

The basic version joined Pokemon in 2017 with the main release of the Hoenn region. The shiny form was released in September 2019. The shadow form and Mega Manectric were added in 2021. This is a four-year cycle to have all the versions of this Pokemon available in the game.

If it takes two years to have a shiny version available, 2023 might be the year we get shiny Tynamo in Pokemon Go. Of course, these dates could change. Tynamo is not necessarily a sought-after or popular Pokemon. On top of that, Pokemon Go should start adding a big part of the Paldea Pokedex this year.

Once the Pokemon Home connection to Pokemon Scarlet and Violet goes through, we should see new content in Pokemon Go. Tynamo might not be on the priority list, although it technically counts as a Pokemon from the Paldea Pokedex.  

Is Tynamo evolution good in Pokémon GO?

You need 25 candies to evolve your Tynamo into Eelektrik. Then 100 candies, plus an Unova stone, to get Eelektross.

Eelektross can have Poison type attacks, which could give it an edge, but based on stats alone, it is not a good Pokemon. The max CP is 2,732 or 3,089 for level 50 players. The attack, defense, and stamina are low. There’s nothing this Pokemon can do that another Electric type can’t do better.

Where do you find Tynamo in Pokemon Go?

In Pokemon Go, the spawn rate of a Pokemon is determined by the area and the weather. There are different types of habitats, including Blistering Sands, Eerie Mist, Verdant Earth, and Ancient Shores.

The habitat that increases the spawn rate of Tynamo is Ancient Shores. This is the area surrounding any body of water, which is marked on the map. The weather that boosts Tynamo’s spawn rate is rainy weather. To check the current weather in your location, check the top right corner of your screen. It will show you the current weather and what Pokemon are boosted.


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