Caedrel returns to Excel as a content creator, not as coach

By Nicholas James


Mar 2, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Marc “Caedrel” Lamont, a current LEC caster and former pro player, has rejoined his old organization of Excel as a content creator.

The move was announced on Twitter by Excel, bringing the popular personality on board after he once played in the LEC for the organization. Caedrel still gets plenty of jokes sent his way about failing to make playoffs with Excel, and the organization embraced the meme with the announcement.

Excel and Caedrel reunite

The ex-mid laner and jungler from the LEC made the pivot to content creation and appeared on the LEC broadcast after his time spent in professional play. He rapidly became one of the most popular personalities on the LEC’s roster of talent. He had both excellent game knowledge as well as the ability to translate those high-level thoughts into sentiments that less experienced players can understand.

These made him a massive asset to the European branch of Riot Games’ professional broadcast. His success was so well-received that he was awarded Analyst of the Year at the annual Esports Awards show. During the 2022 offseason, there was even rumors of him being tapped to coach the Vitality super team built around Barney “Alphari” Morris, and Luka “Perkz” Perkovic. But this latest move seems to further confirm that Caedrel will not be a coach anytime soon, whether for Vitality, Excel, or another LEC team.

Caedrel’s talent is clearly in high demand, and it’s unsurprising to see an esports organization decide that his content is worth promoting and endorsing. In the video announcing his rival, Excel pokes fun at some of Caedrel’s less-than-stellar moments of play from his time spent playing for Excel in top European competitions. The video featured appearances from Excel’s LEC roster, all playing out a wild dream of Caedrel’s in which he returns to the LEC.

In the end of the video, Caedrel decides that he’s better off without trying to play professionally anymore just as Excel reaches out. Caedrel will continue his popular co-streams and Twitch content creation under the Excel banner while also appearing on live LEC broadcasts.


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