Caedrel can’t believe how similar the Worlds songs are

By Nicholas James


Sep 30, 2021

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Riot Games has seemingly cracked the code on how to make a stirring anthem to an esports tournament. However, some fans have noticed striking similarities between this year’s song and previous ones.

The pacing of “Burn It All Down” seems to line up in an incredibly coincidental manner, prompting many to wonder just how formulaic the construction of these songs is.

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What makes these Worlds songs similar? Fans have begun to notice that the most recent Worlds songs, “Phoenix,” “Take Over,” and “Burn It All Down” all have striking similarities. This includes slowly building at the beginning that escalates into a rousing bridge and second chorus, before cutting out and beginning to build up yet again.

Caedrel discusses song similarities between Worlds anthems

After some forum posts about the tonal and timing similarities between the songs, League of Legends streamer Marc “Caedrel” Robert decided to test for himself just how well it worked.

For “Phoenix,” the beginning didn’t line up but the pacing of the song’s audio and the video for “Burn It All Down” began to line up.

“Take Over” steals steam from “Burn It All Down”

However, it was “Take Over” that matched “Burn It All Down” nearly beat for beat.

From the beginning onwards, the songs grow and shrink at similar moments, cutting out at practically the same time. When paired up with the 2021 video, it’s hard to tell that it’s not the official soundtrack until the very end. Upon watching this combo, Caedrel could hardly keep his surprise contained.

While Riot tends to get incredible reception to most of the Worlds-related content, some are finding the repetition noticeable.

Fans have commented that it’s harder to get excited about an event when the media around it feels formulaic. Either way, it has fans talking about the World Championship and that’s exactly what Riot wants. With nearly 5 million views in two days and hundreds of thousands of likes, it hasn’t stopped the hype train.

The World Championships begin on October 5.


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