Cache update is now complete, possible release date teased

Steven Rondina • August 2, 2019 6:16 am

The renovation of popular Counter-Strike: Global Offensive map Cache is finally complete.

ESL revealed that the long-awaited update to the Chernobyl-themed map has been finished in a post on Twitter. The fact that the revelation came from ESL instead of map creator FMPONE comes as a bit of a surprise.

FMPONE has been reworking his signature map for over a year now and has generally kept fans in the dark regarding the process. The only hints about that progress has been periodic updates on Twitter which featuring the minimap with check marks denoting which areas have been finished.

Details have been scarce on what precise changes are scheduled, with the sole media released on the update being a video of the remodeled A-side bombsite. FMPONE has since noted that design has been thrown out.

Progress started moving rapidly in April. In June, FMPONE suggested that the redesign had been completed. But instead of the map itself, a trailer, or even some screen grabs, FMPONE gave fans no clue as to what was in store or when they might find out. The fact the news of the completion came from ESL may give an answer.

When is Cache 2 being released?


When FMPONE suggested the overhaul was complete in June, he packaged that with a strange hidden message to fans. The minimap contained the word “apple,” hidden above the T-side spawn.

Questions swirled over what it might mean, with speculation ranging from apple trees growing over the map to it being a reference to a YouTube personality who visited Chernobyl to eat irradiated apples. However, one other popular theory was that the reveal would come in “The Big Apple,” New York City. The revelation coming from ESL, which is scheduled to host ESL One New York in September, suggests fans will finally get to see the map in action at that event.

While it remains a mystery when the map will be made available to the public, ESL One New York kicks off on September 26.


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