Burmese Dota 2 team caught scripting, banned from DPC

By Kenneth Williams


Dec 22, 2022

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Scripting is a serious offense in the Dota 2 DPC, with guilty gamers receiving being a ban as punishment. And now one player found that out the hard way.

Valve and tournament host EPULZE has officially banned Yangon Galacticos from the Southeast Asian Dota Pro Circuit for scripting. The announcement comes after the team’s carry Kaung “KSH” Sett Hein was found guilty of using digital inputs in competitive matches. Scripting ranks among the most serious offences possible in Dota 2, and cases of fraudulent play are still quite rare in the DPC.

Rising Burmese team Yangon Galacticos thoroughly swept the open qualifier for the first SEA DPC tour of 2023, defeating New World, Dream Walker, and SPAWN Team 2-0. This granted the team access to the closed qualifier wit the change of entering the lower division of the region.

However, that opportunity has now been revoked, with its future opponents in the qualifier being handed automatic wins.

This punishment explicitly targets the squad’s position one player KSH. However, since he was found guilty of scripting in official DPC games, the entire team has been banned for the rest of the tour. It’s also possible that they were complicit or aware of the scripting, which could lead to permanent bans for them as well. EPULZE, which is the new organizer of the SEA DPC, is currently in the process of investigating the rest of the squad.

Why do DPC players get banned for scripting?

Scripting in Dota 2 refers to digital programs that can make automatic inputs inside of the game once conditions are met. 

The most common kinds of scripting are proximity-based, such as a Tinker with a script that automatically casts Scythe of Vyse once an enemy hero gets close. There are other kinds of scripts as well, such as those that automatically aim skill shots or control additional units on their own. Scripting removes the possibility of human error and often pushes a player’s abilities well past what is normal for a human.

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EPULZE did not reveal exactly what kind of scripting KSH was found guilty of, but as a carry player, it could involve perfect toggling for Armlet of Mordiggian or computer-controlled dodges using Manta Style. KSH’s most-played hero is Monkey King, who can take massive advantage of scripting using the dodge ability of Mischief.

With no specific instances have been pointed out as scripting, EPULZE likely wants to keep its investigation as secretive as possible to prevent future scripters from hiding their abuse.


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