Brunenger celebrates return to Twitch with big streaming plans

By Olivia Richman


Dec 4, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Streamer and musical artist Bruno “Brunenger” Kruszyn has returned to Twitch after a two-year ban.

Twitch has become quite controversial for its seemingly uneven punishments and possible favoritism towards certain content creators. While some streamers receive a suspension for two days, others are often booted from the streaming platform for years.

This was the case for Brunenger, who was banned from Twitch in 2020 and was given no end date.

Why was Brunenger banned from Twitch?

It’s currently unclear what exactly led to his ban but some believe that it has something to do with the streamer pointing a toy gun at himself. He pointed out that it was fake later, adding that he’d never hurt himself, but some thought it was a real weapon during his stream.

Twitch’s Community Guidelines state that streamers cannot harm themselves or “discuss self-harm recklessly.” Even if the gun was fake, it went against Twitch’s Terms of Service, which reads: “Twitch does not allow content that glorifies, promotes, or encourages self-harm. We also prohibit activity that may endanger your life, lead to your physical harm, or encourage others to engage in physically harmful behavior.”

The page added that a “stunt or gag made in jest” is also not allowed, explaining the indefinite ban. But many people still felt that the length of the punishment was excessive, demanding that Brunenger be allowed back on the platform.

Now after one year and eight months, Brunenger is finally allowed to stream on Twitch again.

Brunenger to return to streaming

On Twitter, Brunenger thanked his fans for their continuing support while he waited for the ban to end.

“We are finally back,” he added.

Brunenger will do his first stream in over 20 months on December 4. The stream can be watched here.

During his time away from Twitch, Brunenger was still making content for YouTube, largely surrounding sports and vlogging. He has continued to be a part of Team Heretics as well. But with his Twitch account back, Brunenger has announced some big content plans going forward, although the details are still a mystery.