Breaking down all of Shattered Web’s Week 7 Missions, Challenges

By Nick Johnson


Jan 1, 2020

Reading time: 3 min

Valve released Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’s week seven “Hot Shot” missions, but no new patch was applied to the first-person shooter.

Shattered Web kicks off 2020 with week seven of the Shattered Web Operation, bringing new Guardian missions and challenges to CSGO. There’s a list of them below, plus an inside look at how CSGO’s updated enemy bot AI might make Guardian missions a little harder from now on.

  • Pace Yourself – Get 10 kills with this Desert Eagle in Casual: Hostage Group.
  • They Never Stood a Chance – Get 2 sniper rifle kills in Danger Zone.
  • That’s Not Allowed! – Get 2 unscoped AWP kills in Guardian: Cache.
  • How Hard Could It Be? – Get 10 Round wins in Competitive: Dust II.
  • Coordinated Attack – Get 35 kills in Guardian: Mirage.
  • Target Acquired – Get 20 Headshot kills in a single Deathmatch: Dust II match.

CSGO Shattered Web week 7 missions List 

“Pace Yourself” looks like a fairly easy challenge, requiring players to take down ten enemies with headshots in the Casual: Hostage Group game mode. Most players should be able to finish that one up in one game. The current hostage group maps include Militia, Agency, Office, Italy, and Assault.

The two sniper rifle challenges this week are “They Never Stood a Chance” and “That’s Not Allowed!”. The first of the two means that Danger Zone participants are going to be farming cash to grab a Scout towards the end of a round, making it an easier version of week four’s “Scouting Mission.”

“That’s Not Allowed!” is a play on Oleksandr “s1mple” Kostyliev’s amazing play for Team Liquid against Fnatic at MLG Columbus 2016. Falling from heaven on Cache’s B site, s1mple destroyed Dennis “dennis” Edman with a midair AWP no scope, followed by another pinpoint shot on Freddy “KRIMZ” Johansson to win the round. This Guardian mission requires two no scope kills on the reworked Cache.

This week features two challenges on Dust 2: “How Hard Could It Be?” and “Target Acquired.” “How Hard Could It Be?” is actually the question we’re all thinking, since grabbing 10 total rounds on Counter-Strike’s most popular map won’t be that difficult.

“Target Acquired,” however, will be much more difficult. Those without crisp aim skills will have a tough time here.

Finally, week seven comes with a final Guardian mission called “Coordinated Attack.” It requires players to take out 35 enemies on Mirage. That sounds simple enough, but Valve has been hard at work this year. Counter-Strike’s last big update snuck in several scripting changes to enemy bot AI.

CSGO updates bot AI and breaks player records

Among the changes were locations and scripts that allow bots to literally execute onto a site just like real players. The instructions included flash locations and trajectories, smokes, and molotovs. There is also an update to how bots track things like sound, tracers through smoke, and other player actions. 

It doesn’t look like Valve has added anything else beyond Counter-Strike’s last update on December 20. The fact that week seven didn’t actually come with a patch means that last week’s mixup was because both the week six and week seven missions were simply scheduled to release as is, most likely due to Valve staff taking time off for the holidays.

While that update added distinctive first-person sleeves to Shattered Web’s agents and changed the operation backgrounds in the CSGO client, the patch added no other new content.

Despite the lack of new content, CSGO just broke its own player record that it set in August 2019. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive saw an average of over 455,000 players in the final month of 2019.