Breach buffed in patch 3.05, Immortal tiers return

By Fariha Bhatti


Sep 4, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

The latest Valorant patch brings a brand new map Fracture and glad tidings for competitive players stuck in lower ranks. 

Valorant Episode 2 Act 3 is on the horizon and it’ll significantly impact agent interactions and ranking system. Riot Games previously dropped hints regarding fixing ranked distribution. The new act will implement the changes, making ranking up much easier. 

Breach’s Aftershock sees a massive buff 

So far, most players pick Breach for trolling purposes. The new act will change that. The Initiator agent will be able to destroy the abilities of other agents with his Aftershock (C) ability. 

In patch 3.05, Breach can damage: 

  • Killjoy Alarm Bot
  • Killjoy Nanoswarm
  • Killjoy Lockdown
  • Cypher Tripwire
  • Reyna Leer
  • Sage Barrier Orb
  • Sova Recon Bolt
  • KAY/O Zero/Point

Sova and Brimstone will also find their ultimates damaging more abilities but Breach’s buff is significant. Since his Aftershock comes for cheap rates it’ll undoubtedly boost his pick rate in ranked queues. Unlike Sova’s dart and Raze’s nades, Breach’s Aftershock will be more reliable when it comes to destroying tiny equipment. 

Killjoy’s Turret nerfed in Patch 3.05

Killjoy gets a much-needed nerf to her Turret that becomes indestructible in pistol rounds. The tiny war machine has high health, making it challenging for pistol-equipped enemies to destroy it. The latest patch will slow down the damage it renders to enemies. By reducing bullet tagging from a 72.5-percent slow to a 29.5-percent, pistol rounds will become easier to win with Killjoy on the enemy team. 

Adjustments to Raze’s kit 

Raze hasn’t precisely been nerfed but the developer has tweaked the kit to balance out the overpowered agent. The new tweaks will trade damage output for an ability cost reduction and introduce more Boom Bot counterplay options. 

  • Maximum damage reduced from 125 to 80
  • Minimum damage reduced from 50 to 30
  • Cost reduced from 400 to 300

Three Immortal tiers return

Earlier, Riot Games removed the tiers from Immortal, making it just one ultimate rank. However, the latest stats showed an oversaturation of players in lower levels, bringing Riot Games to reset Immortal tiers. 

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Patch 3.05 will mark the return of Immortal one, two, and three. This will also change how player restrictions work in ranked queues, increasing the disparity of ranks. Radiant rank will remain the same but leaderboards will be updated accordingly. 

Apart from this rank change, the developer will be allowing Silvers and Gold players to climb ranks more smoothly. Players should find it easier to garner elo and rise through the ranks. Patch 3.05 is expected to evacuate Silver ranks considerably to ensure a balance ranked distribution in Valorant.