Bot TI3 rules are changed as bot games will be played live

By Steven Rondina


Sep 2, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Bot TI3 is going to be a good deal different from previous installments in the series.

Beyond the Summit’s Dakota “KotLGuy” Cox announced some of the changes set to come to Bot TI3 in a thread on Reddit. The event will feature a slew of tweaks relative to Bot TI2 based on the radical changes to Dota 2 that came in late 2019 with the Outlanders Update.

The biggest change comes to the XP and gold for each round. With the level cap being raised from 25 to 30 last year, round one will involve level five heroes with no items, and round two will include level 15 heroes with 10,000 gold of items. Round three will jump up to level 30 with each hero having 25,000 gold to spend.

The items will be determined by Dotabuff’s meta trends, with the exception of Black King Bar and Blademail which will be banned.

Instead of having games pre-recorded, Bot TI3 will feature improved AI and a new map that will facilitate live games. Alongside this is a new broadcast format which will take place over five days instead of it being a month-long event like Bot TI2. Finally, all three games of each best-of-three will be played out regardless of the outcome of the first two in order to determine playoff seeding.

What is Bot TI and how does it work?

Bot TI3 is likely to be an exciting event judging by previous years. The event involves no professional players and instead seeks to find out who the strongest hero in Dota 2 is by having teams of bots playing against one another using the same hero. 

Beyond the Summit has previously enlisted some of Dota 2’s best-known casters to call the event, which they do as though it were a more traditional live tournament.

Bot TI2 was won by Pangolier in dramatic fashion as one of the units inexplicably led with Rolling Thunder, causing the opposing Earthshaker team to wildly misuse all of their spells. A year earlier, Elder Titan won at the expense of Abaddon with chained Echo Stomps.

A date for Bot TI3 has not yet been announced, but the reveal will come on Beyond the Summit’s Twitter account.


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