Bot TI3 is returning in 2020 thanks to Beyond the Summit

By Steven Rondina


Aug 5, 2020

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The International 10 isn’t happening in 2020, but artificial intelligence doesn’t have to worry about that. Bot TI is set to return for the third year in a row, with Beyond the Summit announcing the event on YouTube.

Bot TI is an interesting concept that has grown in popularity every year. Instead of featuring actual players in competition, Beyond The Summit looks to determine the best hero in Dota 2 by allowing in-game bots to take the wheel and pit teams of the same heroes against each other in series play.

Each game during a series includes differing levels of farm and XP. In the first game, each hero is level five and has only Iron Branches. From there, the heroes’ levels are uniformly increased and each has a certain amount of gold available for purchasing items.

The tournament plays out in double-elimination format until there is one hero left standing as the winner of Bot TI.

Bot TI has been a treat for Dota 2 fans

In 2019, Bot TI2 was won by Pangolier, who last defeated Earthshaker. The series ended in surprising fashion with one of the Pangoliers using Rolling Thunder almost immediately at the start of the game, disrupting Earthshaker’s routines where he would hit each member of the enemy team with five Fissures. This led to a chain reaction that saw Pangolier shockingly win the series 2-1.

The inaugural installment was won by Elder Titan. The hero successfully chained together Echo Stomp and Eul’s Scepter activations in order to counter runner-up Abaddon’s shields and ultimate.

Casters had a huge advantage in Bot TI2, while tanks enjoyed a serious edge in Bot TI1. Who will be the favorite for Bot TI3? That’s anyone’s guess.

From neutral items, to the raised level cap, to the introductions of Snapfire and Void Spirit, a lot has changed in Dota 2 over the last year. That should make Bot TI3 a fun watch for Dota 2 fans.


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