Black Adam and Stripe

Black Adam and Stripe announced for MuliVersus Season 1

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 16, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

MultiVersus Season 1 is upon us, bringing brand new content set to be released during its course. The game’s developer has now announced two new villains in the form of Gremlin’s Stripe and DC’s Black Adam. 

Warner Bros has plucked out characters from its top franchises to whip up a Smash Bros-like fighting game in the form of MultiVersus. The crossover brawler made plenty of waves in testing phases, and it’s now finally available for free. Players can duel as Batman, Harley Quinn, Fin, Garnet, and more, with additional characters on the horizon. Rick and Morty will be the first to join the squad in Season 1, but the developers have teased other new faces already. 

MultiVersus is adding a dash of villainy to the hero-loaded protocol of the game with Stripe and Black Adam. The two characters will enter the fray right after the peculiar duo of Rick and Morty, but the exact release date remains unknown. 

Who is Black Adam in MultiVerus? 

Black Adams

MultiVersus has announced DC’s fictional anti-hero, Black Adam, as an upcoming character. The ruler of Kahndaq has the powers of the Egyptian gods, which he misused after criminals murdered his family. Fans of DC know him as Captain Marvel’s archnemesis, but he has a deeper backstory of a hero turned into a villain. 

The developer hasn’t yet unveiled his entire kit, but there’s plenty to glean from his character in the comics. The new Black Adam movie is yet to be released, so his present powers are still vague for the upcoming game. The anti-hero could lift objects, catch bullets, and utilize superhuman reflexes. His reliance on brute force makes him an ideal bruiser.

His ability to draw energy from light and turn humans into ashes may make it into MultiVersus as an ultimate. All of this should be taken with a grain of salt however, as the developer has yet to reveal his official abilities.

Who is Stripe in MultiVersus? 


The brutal and mischievous Gremlins pack leader stripe will join Black Adam in the updated roster of MultiVersus. The red-eyed gremlin is the movie franchise’s main antagonist and will bring his sinister behavior to a lineup packed with valiant superheroes. 

Gremlins are mischievous and have a history of tinkering with highly-engineered gadgets and machinery. So Stripe will likely be more than just a silly gremlin. The folkloric creature may even introduce a counter for characters who rely on tech, such as Iron Giant, Batman, and new character Rick. 

Players will learn more about their move set and release date once Rick and Morty officially enter the game. That duo will be released on August 23. 


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