Rick and Morty MultiVersus

Here’s the first look at the Rick and Morty MultiVersus update

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 25, 2022

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MultiVersus is still in testing, but it hasn’t stopped the developer from rolling out new content with the Rick and Morty series set to arrive in the game. 

Warner Bros.’ wild brawler features some of the most random rosters imaginable. Classic cartoons, superheroes, and real-life sports stars all share the stage. The visuals may make it seem like a casual game, but MultiVersus is shaping up to be highly competitive. New characters and maps will continue to shake things up for the foreseeable future. 

After adding Lebron James to the active roster, the developer has announced Rick and Morty for season one of MultiVersus. Not just that, but the duo will bring their own map. 

What are Rick and Morty’s abilities in MultiVersus? 

Rick and Morty have a history of touring realities together, but they’d spawn as separate individuals in MultiVersus. The pair is split into different character classes, with Rick being a mage and Morty as a bruiser. 

Rick and Morty MultiVersus

The mega genius will be equipped with the portal gun that allows him to trick enemies with his mobility. He may also spawn Mr. Meeseeks during battle, dealing damage to his opponents. Rick’s character combines agility and damage, making him a deadly mage.

Conversely, Morty may not have a gadget that allows him to keep distance. Bruisers are straightforward heroes, so his move set will rely on brute force. Rick and Morty will be added to the MultiVersus universe on August 9.

Will there be a Rick and Morty map in MultiVersus? 

Yes. Leaks have revealed that a new level will be pulled directly from the Rick and Morty show. The arena has a stage with a bizarre backdrop that will likely please fans of the series while confusing everyone else. 

The new Rick and Morty map hasn’t officially been released yet, but players have already gotten a good look at the location. The map has a platform with giant destructible speakers. The background has creepy alien figures that want the competitors to show what they’ve got. Overall, the location looks much more open compared to other maps in MultiVersus. 


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