Iron Giant in MultiVersus

Iron Giant MultiVersus guide: play style, moves, strategies

By Olivia Richman


Aug 1, 2022

Reading time: 3 min

The Iron Giant is the newest tank in MultiVersus, bringing some crazy combos and wholesome nostalgia to Warner Bros’ hype new platform fighter.

The Iron Giant appears massive on the stage, which can be a bit of a liability and make him an easy target for opponents’ combos. But with the right approach and tactics, the Iron Giant can overwhelm opponents and perform some killer combos of his own.

Who is the Iron Giant?

The Iron Giant is a 50-foot tall metal robot from outerspace who crashes down the earth in 1957. Despite his imposing size and insane collection of firepower, the Iron Giant is actually a peaceful alien and is opposed to violence.

The Iron Giant landed on earth in the 50s during the height of the Cold War when many are suspicious. It meets a young boy named Hogarth who keeps him safe and teaches him about right and wrong, life and death. Hogarth also shows him his Superman comics, which inspire the Iron Giant to become a hero.

Iron Giant play style in MultiVersus

Iron Giant is the “first colossal-sized character” in MultiVersus. He’s more than double the size of other characters, making him quite the imposing opponent. Due to his massive size, this tank fighter can take a lot of punishment and isn’t easily weakened. On the other hand, he is quite easy to hit and can get caught up in painful combos.

To avoid being a sitting target, Iron Giant was given the ability to fly. Holding the jump button will activate rocket boosters that allow him to fly upwards for a short duration.

As the fight goes on, Iron Giant generates bolts of electricity. Standard attacks drop scrap metal which can speed up the process of getting to the five-bolt max. These bolts will fly around the Iron Giant when he performs his neutral special, creating a shield and giving his partner a boost.

Iron Giant also has a rage meter that slowly builds up as he hurts enemies or his partner takes damage. Once it’s full, his neutral special will activate rage mode. This means that the best strategy for Iron Giant is to gain bolts to protect himself until he builds up his rage.

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Iron Giant moveset

Here are some of the most impactful Iron Giant moves to keep in mind.

Carry On

Iron Giant thrusts forward and grabs his opponent, stunning them for a short bit. This allows Iron Giant to run around while carrying them. Perform attacks to throw his opponent.

Systems Are Go

This is Iron Giant’s up special, pulling out an old car and spinning it around him super fast. This move does some damage but also blocks incoming projectiles. It’s most useful when tilted downward since Iron Giant is so tall. You can also fly with the car, hitting opponents in the air.

Stunnalizer 3000

This is Iron Giant’s side special when he’s in rage mode. It changes from Carry On to Stunnalizer 3000, a massive green projectile. This is a slow move, but if it does hit, opponents are stunned and left vulnerable to incoming attacks. It has a longer cooldown so it’s usually only used once per rage mode.

Best 2v2 teammate for Iron Giant in MultiVersus

Iron Giant’s best 2v2 teammate is either a bruiser or an assassin. Iron Giant is a tank that can absorb a lot of damage for his team. He also has a lot of moves that stun enemies. To best take advantage of stunned enemies, you’ll want to use a fighter that gets up close and personal, dealing as much damage as possible and then falling back behind Iron Giant. Try Harley Quinn, Taz, or Garnet.


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