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“Biggest phonies in the industry”: Dr Disrespect lashes out at CoD again

By Olivia Richman


Apr 14, 2024

Reading time: 3 min

Outspoken streamer Herschel “Dr Disrespect” Beahm unsurprisingly has an issue with Call of Duty once again. This time, the Two-Time is calling out Activision for removing the NICKMERCS skin from Warzone and Modern Warfare 3.

Streamer Nick “NICKMERCS” Kolcheff was given a Call of Duty skin along with other popular streamers back in the summer of 2023 but it was removed soon after when NICKMERCS made homophobic tweets during Pride Month.

In June, NICKMERCS hinted that LGBTQ+ individuals were harming children in some way, based on right-wing rhetoric aimed at trans individuals and drag queens. This was what made Activision remove the skin, which made some gamers mad — including Dr Disrespect.

At the time, Dr Disrespect claimed that he was going to boycott Call of Duty in response to Activision removing the skin. Since then, however, the streamer has created plenty of content with Call of Duty. He always has something negative to say about the gameplay but has continued to livestream the popular shooter.

Now, Dr Disrespect has gone off on Activision after it announced a 4/20-themed event.

Dr Disrespect accuses Activision of hypocrisy

In celebration of the infamous unofficial holiday, 4/20, developers have announced events for MW3 and Warzone that include a lot of references to marijuana. Known as the High Trip on Warzone and Blaze Up on MW3, the events launched on April 10 with Cheech and Chong skins and other related content. Warzone even has a High Trip limited time mode that includes “gummies” that “sharpen your senses.”

In response to this, Dr Disrespect tweeted that Activision is “pushing water bongs” and “drugs” but removed NICKMERCS skin for saying “leave the kids alone.”

He added: “Activision is run by a bunch of idiots. Biggest suit and tie phonies in the industry.”

While Dr Disrespect was trying to point out hypocrisy at Activision, it should be noted that this tweet is purposefully obtuse. NICKMERCS didn’t simply say to “leave the kids alone” and was instead referencing controversial opinions that transgender people are allegedly preying on children and schools are allegedly pushing the LGBTQ lifestyle by teaching kids about different types of orientations. In addition, NICKMERCS tweeted that conspiracy during Pride Month in response to an upsetting tweet about protesting.

In response to the Doc’s rant, the streaming community pointed out that Dr Disrespect still plays Call of Duty anyway. Said one fan: “And yet you still support them by playing their game. Don’t talk about it. Be about it.” Others pointed out that the two topics were “not comparable.”


Some fans did agree with Dr. Disrespect, however, calling the tweet a “W” and noting that the world is “backward.” It’s just another controversial take from the loud streamer, one that has the community torn over what to believe.

Either way, Dr Disrespect has continued to play Call of Duty so in the end many feel his word means nothing. Not that the Two-Time cares.