Biggest announcements from Summer Game Fest 2023

By Nicholas James


Jun 10, 2023

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Summer Game Fest 2023 is going on right now, and there have been tons of exciting announcements that we’ve rounded up for gaming fans.

Summer Game Fest is one of the biggest gaming events of the year, and 2023’s installation hasn’t disappointed. Just on the first day, fans have been treated to a litany of exciting new titles and details. Here are all of the biggest revelations from Summer Game Fest 2023.

Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown

The first game announced at Summer Game Fest was one many fans didn’t see coming. Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown is a Ubisoft reboot of the Prince of Persia franchise. This new take on the Prince of Persia game series rocks a completely new art style, but still harkens back to the origins of the classic game. The new game will be a 2D/3D side-scrolling hybrid action platformer. It’s right back to the origins of Prince of Persia, side-on action and parkour, just with brand new graphics and a dazzling new art style. Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown will release on January 18, 2024.

Path of Exile 2

While Diablo 4 may be on the mind of other players, another isometric MMO is taking huge steps forwards. Path of Exile announced Path of Exile 2, a formal successor to the first MMORPG. The trailer showcases a mage’s journey into an abandoned keep, suddenly being swarmed by demonic husks of the townsfolk and eventually ambushed by some towering monstrosity. The details on exactly what Path of Exile 2 will bring are sparse right now, but fans will find out more on July 28.

Remnant 2

Remnant: From the Ashes was a cult hit action RPG third-person shooter released in 2019. The game featured highly customizable player combat, as they trekked through dangerous environments armed with firearm and magic. Its sequel has been announced for a while, but Summer Game Fest 2023 gave it a release date. Remnant 2 will launch on July 25, 2023.

Sonic Superstars

Recent Sonic the Hedgehog games have been hit or miss, but this next game is going back to the roots of the speedy blue critter. Sonic Superstars was announced to be a co-op compatible old-school Sonic experience, asking players to complete 2D side-scrolling levels at top speed just like the very first Sonic games. No open-world exploration, 3D-to-2D swapping, or anything else. Just old-fashioned Sonic gameplay for up to four players to enjoy together.

Sand Land

From the mind of Akira Toriyama comes the acclaimed Dragon Ball manga artist’s lesser-known world. Welcome to Sand Land, after the manga of the same name, a Mad Max-esque ridiculous adventure in Toriyama’s signature art style. The gameplay shown seems to focus on two modes of play, vehicle-mounted combat filled to the brim with gorgeous Unreal Engine 5 explosions and on-foot brawling. It seems to be a semi-open-world action game.

Space Marine 2 co-op reveal

The upcoming action game set in the grim darkness of the 41st millennium, Space Marine 2, got a co-op campaign reveal. This cinematic trailer introduced a mode of play only rumored before now, three-player co-op campaign play. The trailer features a discussion between freshly returned, then demoted, Lieutenant Titus and his new captain. The rest of the Summer Game Fest 2023 reveal shows off the co-op mode. In it, Titus and two other Ultramarines in the second company livery take the fight to the Tyranid splinter fleet. Saber Interactive’s new engine also shows off some of its impressive ability to handle tons of enemies. In many scenes, the ground and sky are swarming with Tyranid forms. Space Marine 2 doesn’t have a solid release date yet, but it’s set for release sometime in 2023.

Alan Wake 2 gameplay

Alan Wake 2 is rapidly becoming one of the most highly-anticipated titles of the year. The first Alan Wake was a unique horror action game about a writer cursed with his words becoming reality. The dark and supernatural story-led shooter struck a chord with many gamers when the first one released, and now Alan Wake 2 is on its way. The game focuses on a dual narrative between Alan Wake and FBI agent Anderson. Wake, trapped in some horrifying limbo, seems to be writing into reality a mystery for the FBI agent to solve in order to find and rescue him. The gameplay seems iconic as ever, with Anderson dual-wielding the iconic Alan Wake loadout of a flashlight and firearm.

John Carpenter’s Toxic Commando

A video game inspired by the creator of cinematic classic The Thing might not be the first thing fans expected, but it’s what they got. Toxic Commando is a cooperative shooter that takes notes from 80s horror and action to bring gamers a high-octane thrilling experience. The game seems to be a cinematic horde shooter focused on supernatural slaughter and paranormal monsters aplenty. If over-the-top 80s action and terrible threats seem like exactly what you’re looking for, Toxic Commando will likely be for you.

Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 launches this August, and fans have been getting deeper and deeper dives on all the content that will come with it. The new Baldur’s Gate trailer was pitched as an announcement of voice actor Jason Isaacs as Lord Enver Gortash, but it held more than that. The new trailer acquaints fans with Enver Gortash, a lord of Baldur’s Gate with a dark secret and an allegiance to General Ketheric Thorn, played by J.K. Simmons. The trailer showcases a mechanical legion of enforcers that Gortash is set to unleash upon Baldur’s Gate. Baldur’s Gate 3 is currently slated for an August 31, 2023 release date after many previous delays.

Trek Infinite

If Bethesda’s upcoming Starfield announcements aren’t quite your cup of sci-fi, try Trek Infinite. This new Star Trek game was announced with a cinematic trailer depicting a Borg cube orbiting an unknown planet, and a Star Fleet vessel set to encounter it. The camera zooms out to show sections of space controlled by different factions, suggesting a possible 4X spin to the game. No details have been released yet, but fans can hear more on June 16.

Final Fantasy VII Rebirth

What many fans weren’t expecting from Summer Game Fest 2023 was a Final Fantasy VII continuation. The 1997 classic game is still many fans’ favorite game. The trailer shows snippets of Cloud and his companions’ journey through Midgar and beyond. Fans looking forwards to seeing that continuation should be excited. The trailer features the return of many of the iconic Final Fantasy VII characters.

Fortnite Wilds

The new season of Fortnite got its first preview at Summer Game Fest 2023. The middle of the Fortnite map has collapsed to reveal a prehistoric jungle teeming with dinosaurs and ruins filled with treasure. The new season also includes a crossover with Transformers. There’s both a Mythic Cybertron Cannon item as well as an Optimus Prime skin in the Battle Pass. The new season is already out, so you can log on and play Fortnite Wilds right now.


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