Best semifinals Pick’Ems for Worlds 2023

By Melany Moncada


Nov 5, 2023

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Only four teams remain in Worlds 2023 and these are the best choices for the semifinals Pick’em.

Worlds 2023 is an emotional rollercoaster. From major upsets to absolute bangers, the most important tournament of the year doesn’t disappoint. Three LPL teams and one LCK representative remain in the race for the Summoners Cup.

On one side of the bracket, two wildcards will meet. On the other side, arguably the two best teams in the world will clash. Strangely enough, we’ve been here before.

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Worlds 2023 Semifinals Pick’Em

Worlds 2023 looks too similar to the previous year’s edition. JD Gaming and T1 will battle it out in the semifinals. One the them is advancing and will face the wildcard that could pull off a major upset once again.

JDG vs. T1

For the second consecutive year, JDG and T1 meet in the semifinals at Worlds. The LPL’s number one seed is on the golden road, one trophy away from winning every tournament in the year. T1 is the last non-LPL team in the tournament and is responsible for defending the region’s honor.

In 2022, T1 took the victory, and it looks like it might be the case in 2023. Throughout the Swiss Stage, T1 looked solid, with noticeable improvements between rounds. JDG qualified to the Knockout Stage early and didn’t look like the dominant monster we’ve come to know against KT Rolster.

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T1 is set on changing the meta, going for unexpected picks that take the opponents by surprise. According to the players, they have even more pocket picks available for the rest of the tournament. Right now, JDG might be scrambling to find an opponent that can help them prepare for such a challenge.

The winner of this round could potentially win the tournament and make history in their own way. JDG as the first team to win every domestic and international title, T1 as the first team to win four World Championship titles. Only one thing stands in their way: the wildcards on the other side of the bracket.


Bibibili Gaming and Weibo Gaming are the two most unpredictable teams in the tournament. Both teams share a reputation for inconsistent performance and odd decision-making. No one expected BLG to go the distance with Gen.G and take the series. WBG looked like it could lose against NRG.

This series is the battle of the top laners. Kang “TheShy” Seung-lok and Hen “Bin” Ze-Bin are going above and beyond for their teams. Their consistency amid the chaos has been the difference maker at Worlds 2023. When the key role is matched, then it is decided by the rest of the lineup.

On paper, WBG has a slight advantage over BLG. In the battle of the wildcards, Weibo Gaming could be the one to make it through to face the final boss.


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