Best New World streamers to watch for Twitch drops

By Nicholas James


Sep 28, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Amazon’s first proper foray into the MMO space, New World, launched today to explosive reception. It reached more than eight hundred thousand viewers on Twitch within hours of its release and had bustling servers aplenty.

The European fantasy-inspired world has a distinct splash of dark magic and mystery to it. If you’re not joining Aeturnum, what streamers can you catch diving into the world? And if you are, who’s going to be the most entertaining background soundtrack that can give you drops?

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Asmongold stuck in queue

The king of the MMO scene on Twitch, Asmongold’s been branching out to other games like Final Fantasy XIV recently, and those games have reaped rewards for it. Asmongold’s almost certainly going to be one of the biggest names sprinting for endgame content.

As one of the straightest shooters on Twitch when it comes to critiquing games, Asmongold’s a great watch for anyone wanting to see what this latest competitor in the space offers. At the time of writing, he’s stuck battling a queue that’s estimated to be 14 hours long after waking up late. New World’s launch seems to be rocky, like many MMOs’. But hey, at least it’s not bricking graphics cards anymore.

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shroud enters New World’s fray on Twitch

Michael “shroud” Grzesiek is known for his FPS skills but he’s no stranger to MMOs, often talking about his love for World of Warcraft. He could be seen grinding alongside the most hardcore fans when World of Warcraft Classic launched. shroud tends to take every electronic outing as an opportunity to flex his mechanical skill, and New World isn’t likely to be any different.

The internet’s favorite headshot machine will take his talents to Aeturnum, and shroud promises to be as entertaining as ever.

Fextralife continues RPG expertise

Fextralife’s one of the best websites for RPG builds over a wide variety of titles, running wikis for series such as Dark Souls, Diablo 2, and many more. If you’re stuck in queue like Asmongold, or not interested in watching opening levels and tutorials, they’re already deep in.

Of all the New World Twitch streams, Fextralife likely offers the most insight for game mechanics. Anyone that is considering picking up the title but wanting to see the game played first, should start with Fextralife. And of course, they already have a New World wiki running.


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