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Best Honkai: Star Rail characters in May 2023

by | May 2, 2023

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Reading Time: 2 min.

Honkai: Star Rail has an amazing cast of characters with unique abilities and traits. Trying to level up every character can be overwhelming and expensive if you are willing to pay. In the early stages of the game, the smart thing to do is to invest your time in the best characters.

Upon release, Honkai: Star Rail has 27 characters, including some reimagined versions of characters from previous games. The game has different paths and elements that will determine the abilities and effects of each character.

The game has an elements system that can be compared to the one used in Pokemon. Certain enemies are weak to specific elements, and entering combat with a direct counter to the enemy is an advantage. At the beginning of the game, some of the most common enemy weaknesses are Physical, Ice, Wind, and Lightning. The current best characters in the game, coincidentally, have some of these Elements.

S-tier character in Honkai: Star Rail May 2023

Honkai: Star Rail uses gacha mechanics. Meaning that you cannot simply buy a character in the store. You must purchase passes that can be used in the Warp section. Each pull has a chance to include a character.

If you get one of these in your early pulls, consider yourself lucky.


Bronya is, without a doubt, the best support in the game, she can do it all. Bronya has the ability to remove debuffs, get additional turns, and increase the attack and Crit damage of your party. Bronya is the best companion for any damage dealer, and if you get it, prioritize leveling her up.


Seele’s path is The Hunt, these are single-target damage dealers. One of Seele’s strengths is her ability to get multiple consecutive turns. When Seele kills an enemy, she gets another turn, combines it with the ultimate, and you might get four turns. If you want high damage, Seele is the one.


Do not underestimate how far you can go with a good healer on your team, and Bailu is perfect for the job. Not only does Bailu heals your team, but she can also revive fallen allies. Bailu is ideal for long battles, like the Simulated Universe and other boss battles.

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