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Best Christmas gifts for Fortnite Players

By Nicholas James


Nov 24, 2022

Reading time: 4 min

The holiday season is nearly here, so if you’re looking for Christmas gifts for Fortnite Players, look no further.

Fortnite has been one of the most consistently popular games over the past few years, so it would be unsurprising for lots of people to have an avid Fortnite player in their life. There are tons of options for official Fortnite merchandise, in-game rewards, and more.

The best Christmas gifts for Fortnite players


As with many games, if you’ve run out of ideas for Christmas gifts for the Fortnite players in in your life, V-Bucks is an excellent plan to fall back on. V-Bucks are how players purchase cosmetic options and the regular Battle Pass. Buying the Battle Pass can be an exceptionally good investment, as frugal Fortnite players will get enough V-Bucks from the Battle Pass to buy the next Battle Pass without spending a single cent, though it’s hard to resist some of the cosmetics in the item shop that rotate through for small windows.

Fornite DLC

Fornite does have a few downloadable add-ons that unlock content, but it’s probably best to check if there’s anything specific from the list that the person you’re buying for would want. Otherwise, V-Bucks are more versatile and offer more options to the Fortnite player you’re buying for than Fortnite’s DLCs.


There are lots of pieces of Fortnite apparel available to let the Fortnite players in your life represent their favorite game. Most of these are aimed at younger players, as is Fortnite’s general demographic. But there are some great options for children and youth apparel. Fortnite backpacks come in a variety of options and vary in price depending on the design.

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For similar schoolwear-appropriate gifts, Fortnite has similarly branded lunchboxes available for young fans.

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Collectibles and toys

If you’re looking for room decoration or something that might look cute on a shelf in a personal space, there are several options that could be of interest.

Stuffed animals

For those interested in stuffed animals, try out this 7″ tall Loot Lamma plushie. Just be warned, it doesn’t come with any loot inside, so it’s best kept in one piece, unlike its in-game counterpart.

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It feels like Monopoly has a version for every single media property out there, and Fortnite is no exception. If you’ve got a Monopoly lover that’s hard to pull away from Fornite, this is the perfect gift.

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Action figures

For younger Fortnite fans, there are officially-licensed boxes of characters from the hit Battle Royale. P.M.I produces a box including 12 different figurines depicting Fornite characters. These action figures seem more meant for active play than desk decoration, given the number and affordable price of them.

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Secret Lair: Fortnite

If you have somebody who loves both the collectible card game Magic: The Gathering and Fortnite, there’s a unique product that’s right up their alley. Secret Lair: Fortnite is a series of limited edition cards that depict some of Magic’s iconic and powerful cards with art from Fortnite. It’s one of the more affordable Secret Lair products, available through various online retailers.

Air Drop loot crate

For more room decoration that doubles as storage space, check out this Air Drop loot crate that opens up to become a storage space for whatever else the owner needs to store. Functional and fashionable for fans of Fornite!

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If you want your younger Fortnite players to spend a bit more time sprinting about the yard, NERF guns can be a great way to facilitate. Several NERF guns styled after some of Fortnite’s iconic weapons are available for purchase. The Bolt Action Blaster, 6-SH Dart Blaster 9, SG Pump Blaster, and more options are all available!

Christmas gifts for adult Fornite players

As much as Fortnite skews towards the younger demographic, there are plenty of older gamers who have just as much fun queueing up with their four-stack and getting games in. If you’re looking for ideas for Christmas gifts for Fornite players who don’t need lunchboxes or plushies as much, here are a few ideas.


There are plenty of Fortnite posters and plates that can make for some tasteful gaming-related decorations to dress up an entertainment room or desk nook. Displate makes several Fornite-related plates that could make great additions to a streaming setup or similar spaces.

Gaming accessories

While it’s not directly Fortnite-related, many gamers would love a new set headset, mouse, keyboard, or controller. Find out what platform the Fortnite player you’re buying for plays on and ask them if there’s a piece of gear they’re missing. Check out the best gaming headset or mouse reviews and find what suits them the best!