These are the 5 best gaming mouse for Valorant in 2022

By Fariha Bhatti


Jul 22, 2022

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The best gaming mouse must combine maneuverability, responsiveness, and comfort to see you through your gaming marathons. These top 5 gaming mice for Valorant and other games can offer all of that. 

A flimsy mouse may work in the short term, but dedicated players should always opt for a durable and comfortable one. Inaccuracy, discomfort, and muscle pain are a few issues that users may note after using a poorly built mouse for long hours. A good mouse is a key to victory in many games, particularly in a high-skill game like Valorant, where poor reaction time could lead to an ignoble defeat. 

The best gaming mouse for Valorant in 2022 

Luckily, there’s more than one gaming mouse that fits the bill for Valorant players. FPS players could opt for the following mouse while staying on a tight budget. 

Here are the best gaming mouse for Valorant in 2022: 

  1. Logitech G Pro
  2. Razer DeathAdder V2
  3. Zowie EC2
  4. SteelSeries Rival 3
  5. Logitech G403 HERO

Logitech G Pro

Top 5 gaming mouse

Valorant players swear by the Logitech G Pro for its great sensor and simple shell design. You won’t notice any heavy embellishment or rough textures on the egg, which may be a downside for some, but FPS players like their mice with few frills. Logitech G Pro is all business under the hood. 

Mechanically, Logitech G Pro nabs the top spot for its excellent battery life and button customization options. Its ambidextrous shell is also a great selling point. The low-profile G Pro is a flagship entry in Logitech’s hugely successful wireless lineup. With its remarkably low click latency and convenient button placement, it has become the best gaming mouse for Valorant in 2022. 

The Logitech G Pro is a tad pricier than our other pics. At $100, the mouse rids you of wire tangling issues and has a quick response time. 

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Razer DeathAdder V2

best gaming mouse for Valorant

Razer’s DeathAdder V2 series has built a cult following over the years with ergonomically built mice, but the V2 feels like a real upgrade compared to other models. It comes with Razer’s top proprietary optical sensor, an extremely low click latency, and an excellent lift-off distance. 

DeathAdder V2 is ideal for Valorant players who want a heavy-duty mouse without spending big bucks. At just $40, this mouse packs all the critical features dedicated Valorant players look for. The build quality is excellent and lightweight, with a flexible tail cord. In terms of its appearance, it’s a minimal mouse with a matte finish and subtle RGB on the Razer logo at the mouse’s apex and scroll wheel. 

The DeathAdder V2 sells at $40, affordable for a heavy-duty mouse that fulfills all standard requirements. 

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Zowie EC2

best gaming mouse

If you’re looking for a robust mouse to grind Valorant for long hours, look no further than Zowie EC2. The last EC model with an RGB scroll comes with a mighty shell that will operate like new for years to come.

Before Zowie rolled out advanced versions, EC2 was the optimal choice for pro gamers and esports professionals, especially in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. It’s therefore natural to expect that Valorant players may find it easier to adjust to Zowie EC’s simple shell. The limited buttons and customizability options are the only flaws here, but its hassle-free build makes it an attractive option for many players.

At under $50, Zowie EC2 is a good pick for serious gaming sessions.

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SteelSeries Rival 3

Top 5 gaming mouse

In 2022, there are plenty of budget gaming mouse options, but SteelSeries Rival 3 gains an edge for its ultralight weight, its excellent sensor, and an attractive shell with RGB piping. For just $24.99, SteelSeries offers plenty of appealing features. 

SteelSeries Rival 3 keeps things simple with just a one-button DPI switch. The mouse’s tilt tracking technology, excellent RGB customization, and easy macro setup also deserve a mention. If you’re new to Valorant, it’s worth buying this cheap mouse to get a hang of the game as it offers all critical features without big investments.

It’s safe to say that for a cheap price tag, SteelSeries Rival is beyond reproach for FPS players. 

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Logitech G403 HERO

Top 5 gaming mouse

In the long list of affordable mice, the Logitech G403 Hero is arguably the best gaming mouse for Valorant. At the low price of $39.99, G403 boasts a good sensor, 1000 polling hertz, and customization options, making it a solid budget option.

Logitech G403 sells for its build quality, but the customization options add to the value of the mouse. It comes with optional integration with Overwolf, Discord, and OBS. Players may also enjoy the heavy RGB work on the logo and scroll wheel, which other quality budget mice may lack. 

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What to look for in the best gaming mouse?

Our list of top five gaming mouse should make your hunting easier. But if you’re still looking, consider the following features before buying your best gaming mouse. 

  • The type of sensor: In 2022, a few serious players will willingly opt for a laser sensor. An optical sensor is a better choice as it removes the possibility of lag and offers a quicker response time. 
  • Wired or wireless: Finding the best wireless mouse for gaming is no easy feat. Even the best ones wireless gaming mice may slack off after a few months of usage. The Logitech G Pro is an excellent option for wireless gaming, but if you’re worried about wireless performance, go for a wired mouse. 
  • Weight: Lightweight mice generally do a better job at helping you to react quickly. A mouse under 90g offers maximum mobility, supplying little resistance to flicking motions. Do consider the weight before buying a heavily decorated mouse. 
  • Grip style: There are plenty of pricey mice available, but not all of them are cut out for your palm and grip. Understand your grip and preferred style before adding a mouse to your cart. 


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