beastcoast talks 7-0 tour, old meta, and 7.33 before Lima Major

By Kenneth Williams


Feb 21, 2023

Reading time: 3 min

In our exclusive interview before the Lima Major, beastcoast Dota 2 opens up on its flawless tour record, desired patch notes, and playing for $500,000 in South America.

The second major of the DPC will be the first Dota Pro Circuit international event held in South America, and the chosen city is Lima, Peru. With all five beastcoast players hailing from the region, the team will enter with a major home-field advantage. Its eclectic draft strategies and stellar support duo earned a perfect match record in the season, making the team a contender for the $200,000 grand prize. was lucky to catch up with beastcoast during Lima Major practice and interview the squad about the event, meta, and upcoming patch.

An interview with the beastcoast Dota 2 squad before the Lima Major Your match with Evil Geniuses was the most hyped game of the SA Winter Tour. What did you feel like going into that game? 

Elvis “Scofield” Peña: I felt emotional, since I was playing against my former teammates.

Steven “StingeR” Mamani: Very excited because everyone wanted to see that match.

Thomas Jaulis “Valqui” Romero: We were prepared for several scenarios.

Héctor “K1” Rodríguez: I did not feel anything special, I was calm.

How about after winning 2-0?

Scofield: It feels normal.

Valqui: Chill, the end of a season of great emotions.

K1: Nothing, I just played.

How did the squad celebrate sweeping the season 7-0? Any champagne?

Scofield: With fist bumps.

Valqui: We went out to eat as a team and project ourselves toward the Major.

The Lima Major is the first Dota Pro Circuit Major held in South America. Are you excited to play in your home country?

Scofield: Yeah, I’m excited!

Valqui: Obviously, we all expect great things from this first Major in Peru. Things in the world of Dota are growing, what was once a simple joke has come true.

K1: A bit, I still would have wanted it to be in Brazil to travel.

Any there any particular changes you want in update 7.33?

Scofield: Putting more neutral items into the game is fun.

Stinger: In the patch, I would like to see Lina move at 250 move speed. (Laughs)

Valqui: A buff for Dark Seer and map changes.

K1: Radiance, buff it pleaseeee!

For K1, you showed a very interesting hero pool this season with Troll Warlord, Phantom Lancer — and even some Chaos Knight. Why those heroes instead of the normal meta?

K1: By the normal meta, do you mean Lina and Nature’s Prophet? Well, Lina was always a ban and NP in South America was not so strong since everyone plays strong carry.

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For DarkMago, mid Mars has become your signature pick in the season. Is it an answer to the current mid meta? Do you enjoy playing the hero?

Herrera “DarkMago” Gonzalo: Mars is very strong in lane and is a good initiator. In all metas, the hero is good because he is a complete hero — he has everything. I enjoy playing the hero because I like to start the fights, so I can grab three or four heroes in my ultimate and my team can win easily.

For Sacred, what was it like adapting from Thunder Predator’s style to beastcoast? How is communication different between the teams?

Rafael “Sacred” Yonatan: The adaptation to the team now was something very different, because [Thunder Predator] played in an aggressive style and here we have calmed that down a bit. We played a little more at timings and to also give Tito comfort. What could be different from the previous team is that now, the environment is better in everything.

For Scofield and Stinger, beastcoast averaged the highest assists of any support duo in the league at 37.53. Are you excited to show your ganking skills at the Lima Major?

Scofield: Yes, I’m excited to show our talent and effort.

Stinger: I always want to play Dota, especially with the Chala [Scofield] and my team.