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Bayonetta 3 Switch release date and gameplay finally revealed

by | May 17, 2022

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Reading Time: 2 min.

Bayonetta fans have been waiting for Bayonetta 3 since it was hinted at in 2017, and now it’s most likely coming later this year.

Bayonetta 3 was first mentioned at the Game Awards in 2017. At that point it was nothing more than a statement on paper. Nothing was known about Bayonetta 3 until PlatinumGames offered more information four years later.

A Nintendo Direct in 2021 finally showed off some gameplay from the highly anticipated Nintendo Switch game. Even in the trailer, Bayonetta states with a wink: “It seems I’m unfashionably late. But I’m ready to give you everything you want.”

The trailer then shows off a flashy battle with a big villain, allowing players to get a glimpse at Bayonetta’s moveset and how combat will work in the third installment of the popular series. At the end, the trailer says that Bayonetta 3 is coming in 2022 though no specific release date is given.

Bayonetta 3 Gameplay Trailer | Nintendo Direct September 2021

When is Bayonetta 3 coming out?

After the Nintendo Direct, Bayonetta 3 was rumored to be coming out in the fall of 2022. This made sense according to Nintendo’s release schedule, which had major games coming out before and after that time period. Releasing Bayonetta around Halloween was another possibility.

After Nintendo released its financial results report, however, a bit of a clearer timeline can be seen. Fans finally caught a glimpse of Nintendo’s official release timeline, including Bayonetta 3 still being scheduled for 2022. Unfortunately, a month was still missing. This is the same on PlatinumGames’ official page for the upcoming game.

Where can I play Bayonetta 3?

Bayonetta 3 will be released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch. It won’t be available on PC, Xbox, or PlayStation. There are very few M-rated games on the Switch, but Bayonetta is a Nintendo staple that has not been afraid to push boundaries. It’s rated M for gore, violence, partial nudity, and strong language.

What is the story behind Bayonetta 3?

Mysterious life forms have appeared on the streets of Tokyo around Shibuya in Bayonetta 3. The creatures don’t appear to be angelic or demonic, so it’s unclear why they are attacking Bayonetta and Tokyo’s citizens. It’s also currently unknown why Bayonetta is in Tokyo to begin with, and this will likely be central to the story of Bayonetta 3.

What is the gameplay like in Bayonetta 3?

There are some new gameplay elements on the horizon for Bayonetta 3, including Demon Masquerade. This allows Bayonetta to fuse with an Infernal Demon to gain even more magical powers. She can also use Demon Slave to control Infernal Demons to “obliterate” enemies. On top of that, Bayonetta will continue to have her over-the-top fighting style in Bayonetta 3, as seen in the game’s trailer.

“So everyone, there’s no need to worry, Bayonetta 3 is real, and the day when you’ll be able to hold it in your hands and play is definitely coming! Rest easy and look forward to more info to come, because no matter how great your expectations may be, I promise we’ll deliver an experience that exceeds all of them,” executive producer Hideki Kamiya said.

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