Can old Nintendo games be played on the Switch?

By William Davis


May 12, 2022

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The Nintendo Switch has grown from an experimental console to a global sensation for Nintendo with excellent sales worldwide. Nintendo blended the best aspects of its console and handheld to deliver a hybrid with thousands of games from Nintendo and third-parties. Some popular titles like Mario Odyssey and The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild have greatly influenced the current generation of video games.

Despite the quality of games available, Nintendo fans love going back to  can you play old Nintendo games on your Switch?

Gaming nostalgia fuels return to classic Nintendo games on Switch

Whether its nostalgia or a belief that older games are superior, Nintendo fans have plenty of reasons to revisit the classics. It’s like any other gaming platform, from the Switch to online casinos. Some players just love to play classic games and designs. If you’re interested in going back to classics like Irish slots, you could try Microgaming’s 9 pots of gold slot free play as a prime example. As you can see, plenty of gamers find themselves wanting to play older games from previous console iterations. 

The Switch has plenty of amazing modern titles, but is it backwards compatible with older Nintendo games? Well, the answer depends on exactly what games you’re trying to play. Let’s break down everything you need to know about how to play older Nintendo games on the Switch.

The importance of backwards compatibility

Backwards compatibility is a big talking point whenever a new console generation is announced. For example, the Xbox One can play Xbox 360 games and the PlayStation 3 offers a similar solution for earlier consoles. While a common talking point among video gamers, backwards compatibility rarely if ever affects most slot games like the ones at AmazonSlots UK. Nostalgia affects gamers of all types, and the demand for older titles will only grow as new console versions are brought to the market.

However, the Switch can only play physical media specifically designed for it. This means you can’t load a DS or 3DS cartridge system into the Switch. To add to this, the Switch doesn’t have a disk drive. That rules out any media from the GameCube, Wii, or Wii U. 

Essentially, the only way to play older Nintendo games on Switch is through the eShop or physical rereleases. If neither option exists for your particular game, it’s not possible to play that game on Switch.

On previous Nintendo consoles, it was possible to buy digital versions of games from previous consoles under the Virtual Console brand. Nintendo has returned to that system on the Switch via its eShop, where you can buy older console games on the Switch. The eShop allows players to reminisce and experience their old favorites on the Nintendo Switch.

Wii U to Switch shows Nintendo’s way of releasing older games

The Wii U wasn’t the most successful console in Nintendo’s history, but it still boasted quite the library of excellent games. Developers have remastered some of these games for Switch players to enjoy, so although players can’t use their Wii U copies, they can buy an updated version on the new console. There is a long list of Wii U games available to buy on the Switch, including popular titles like Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE and Mario Kart 8.

Despite its lack of compatibility with older console games, the Switch is a fantastic console with plenty of versatility. From sports to platformers to fighters and indie titles, the Switch has something to offer for every gamer. Many beloved Wii U titles are now available as remastered versions on the Switch with more to come in the future. eShop already grants access to iconic retro games including Shining Force II, Space Harrier II, and Sonic the Hedgehog Spinball.


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