Baki Hanma season 2 teaser images featuring Pickle leaked

By Steven Rondina


Mar 21, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Baki Hanma season two has been confirmed and it looks to be well into development, judging from early teaser images featuring Pickle.

While there still hasn’t been a formal announcement by either Netflix the Baki team, what appears to be a leaked Japanese ad has landed on social media. A Reddit user posted the image, which shows a number of scenes from the Pickle arc. This gives fans a first look at how Pickle will look in the Baki Hanma anime and a tease of some of the early moments from season two.

The fights on tap weren’t revealed, but fans can see some of what’s in store. Here are the images that were posted on Reddit.

Warning: Light spoilers ahead for Baki Hanma season two

The season revolves around Pickle, a dinosaur-hunting caveman who was found frozen in a block of ice. The world immediately becomes fascinated by a 65-million-year-old man being discovered alive, while the Baki cast is fascinated with what it would be like to fight a person that’s so strong that they can kill a dinosaur barehanded.

This leads to much of the cast that wasn’t part of Baki Hanma season one reappearing and attempting to challenge Pickle. They quickly discover that they have a very different idea of what constitutes a “fight” relative to Pickle.

Is Pickle stronger than Yujiro Hanma?

It’s likely that Pickle can match Yujiro Hanma’s pure physical power, but Yujiro is the stronger fighter.

Baki Hanma season one is bookended with discussions about Yujiro fighting against monstrous animals. It starts with a military officer stating that he singlehandedly killed a rampaging elephant and ends with discussions about whether Yujiro would be able to kill a tyrannosaurus rex. This serves to draw parallels between Yujiro and Pickle, but it’s fairly clear that Pickle isn’t as strong as Yujiro.

Alongside the fact that Yujiro enjoys “plot armor” against every character except for Baki, Pickle’s lack of martial arts skills puts him at a profound disadvantage against Yujiro. Given that Yujiro’s physical strength is portrayed as comparable to that of Pickle, it’s fairly clear that Yujiro still remains the world’s strongest creature.

But make no mistake, Baki Hanma season two should be quite the show.


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