Baby Roshan couriers delivered to qualifying Battle Pass owners

By Neslyn Apduhan


May 28, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

Valve has announced some good news for The International 2017 and The International 2018 Battle Pass owners who previously reached level 2000 on the accounts.

Eligible battle pass owners can now claim their exclusive Collector’s Baby Roshan as a token for their patience in the delivery of the Baby Roshan statues. The style and theme of the Baby Roshan couriers will be taken from the underwater theme of The International 2017 and the Subterranean theme of The International 2018.

Players who surpassed level 2000 for both The International 2017 and The International 2018 Battle Passes will receive both of the new Collector’s Baby Roshan couriers.

Since 2017, physical Baby Roshan statues have been promised to Battle Pass owners who reach Level 2000 before the Battle Pass season ends.

Last year, there were a lot of complaints regarding the quality Baby Roshan statues that were initially shipped by Valve. Disappointed fans claimed that the statues were low quality builds when compared to the Baby Roshan statue concept that was initially advertised by Valve.

Valve released an apology for the poor production quality of the Baby Roshan statues, acknowledging that the rewards weren’t up to snuff. The game developer then started on a new production line of the physical Baby Roshan reward made from scratch.

Earlier this year, players received a much improved version of the statue. Valve redesigned the Baby Roshan Statue to match the originally advertised version. The statue has improved details and color and is now both larger and heavier than before.

Battle Pass owners have since been patiently waiting for the shipment of The International 2017 and The International 2018 Baby Roshan statues. As a token of appreciation for that patience, the in-game courier will serve as an addition to the promised physical rewards.