Dota 2 streamer Attacker has officially joined Team Nigma

By Chase Mulonas


Aug 21, 2020

Reading time: 2 min

Team Nigma has announced the signing of Mohammed “Attacker” Almheiri as the team’s first official streaming personality.

Although the signing might come as a surprise considering the recent streaming controversy involving Gorgc and OG, it looks as though Nigma have different things in mind with Attacker.

The team has been promoting Dota 2 in the MENA region, most notably through the Rising Stars tournament that boasted a $10,000 prize pool.

Attacker is a well-known Dota 2 content creator who many consider to be one of the best Kunkka players in the game. The Emirati had a steady Twitch viewership count in the thousands before leaving for mandatory military service in January 2018. 

This will not be his first outing as an esports organization’s official streamer, considering that he was partnered with Complexity Gaming in 2016.

Attacker to stream Dota 2 for Team Nigma

Apart from his streaming career, Attacker has played Dota 2 on a competitive level in the past. Best known for his time with Samurai Champaloo, a short-lived team which he created together with Ylli “Garter” Ramadani, Attacker spent most of his competitive career on the regional circuit. 

In one of his last competitive outings, Attacker and his teammates won the World Electronic Sports Games 2019 MENA Finals, qualifying for the APAC Finals. Although scheduled in early January this year, the event was eventually postponed.With more teams investing into content creators and community influencers around the world’s most popular competitive games, the partnership between Nigma and Attacker seems to be a sign that there are more things to come from the nascent esports organization.

The Dota 2 roster powering Team Nigma has had something of a renaissance lately. After a strong start to the year, the team hit a rough patch soon after tournament play switched to online across Dota 2. A victory at the OGA Dota Pit Season 2 and a second-place finish at BEYOND EPIC: Europe are sure signs that Nigma is back to its winning ways.

Team Nigma is currently competing at the Omega League, the biggest Dota 2 tournament of the year thus far.