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Asmongold to take break from Twitch citing anxiety concerns

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Zack “Asmongold” Hoyt will be resuming his break from Twitch after a brief return for Diablo 4, citing anxiety as the main motivator.

The break was announced through Asmonmgold’s subreddit, which is private. He allegedly talked about his negative experiences with his comeback stream to celebrate the release of Diablo 4. The duration of the break is now known, but based on previous hiatuses, it could last for several months. However, Asmongold will continue to stream on his side channel during the break.

Following that thread, Asmongold posted a video detailing the day after the comeback stream. He stated that he went to the emergency room the morning after to get leg pain checked out, though he was discharged with a clean bill of health. Even with that good news, Asmongold started worrying about other potential health issues and how it was affecting his mental health. He further spoke about anxiety due to his age and lifestyle.

“I live right now, in terms of degeneracy, on about a ten out of ten… I think we might dial this down to a seven,” he said in the video.

While the stress of the Diablo 4 stream is the primary motivating factor, Asmongold’s health most likely plays a role in the decision as well. Life as a streamer can be mentally and physically taxing. The outspoken streaming star has also openly criticized Twitch for recent changes in ad policies, which certainly don’t help his motivation.

How long will Asmongold take a break from Twitch?

Asmongold did not reveal a planned duration for his break, but it could last for several months.

Asmongold’s most recent break was five-and-a-half months long, beginning in late December of 2022 and lasting until the beginning of June. That break was cited to be because of a “midlife crisis” spurred by poor living conditions. He described his life as “spiraling out of control.” He only ended the hiatus to stream on his main channel for the release of Diablo 4.

In addition to this voluntary break, Asmongold has also spoken out against Twitch’s new ad policy, even flirting with a move to a different platform. If that is the case, expect the break to end with a debut on Kick or another rising streaming service.