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Asmongold says loot boxes shouldn’t exist

By Olivia Richman


Feb 8, 2022

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There are a lot of things that World of Warcraft streamer Asmongold doesn’t like, and he always makes it clear. Fans can now add NFTs, gambling, and loot boxes to the growing list.

During a recent stream, Asmongold spoke up about his frustration over loot boxes and claimed he would never open one. The rant was prompted by Lost Ark, a new MMORPG that just came out to some acclaim and that features a lot of loot boxes. It seems like Asmongold won’t be bothering to play the popular new release, at least in part due to its heavy featuring of loot boxes.

Asmongold explains why he hates loot boxes in video games

A fan watching Asmongold’s stream decided to ask what he thought of loot boxes. In response, Asmongold gave a very direct opinion.

“My opinion on loot boxes? They should not exist. That’s literally… That’s the whole opinion,” Asmongold said.

It seemed like Asmongold wanted to leave it at that strong statement, but fans questioned why he disliked loot boxes so much. Asmongold replied that loot boxes “simulate gambling.” He stated that loot boxes appear to “take advantage” of people with gambling tendencies, as well as potentially vulnerable audiences such as children.

“Video games are marketed to people that are younger. It gets kids into a mentality of gambling that serves as a gateway towards actual gambling whenever they become older,” Asmongold said.

Asmongold, who stated he is “not a microtransaction enjoyer,” added that he doesn’t want loot boxes to exist at all. Instead, Asmongold said that all cosmetic items should be available in the in-game store for a set price.

Asmongold has never purchased a skin

According to Asmongold, he dislikes loot boxes and microtransactions so much that he has never bought an in-game skin. He stated that purchasing skins is “ridiculous” and not something he cares about, even when he played Fortnite regularly.

In fact, Asmongold said he was using a “default Fortnite skin” the entire time that he played the battle royale.


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