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Asmongold not impressed with Pokimane’s cookies or apology

By Olivia Richman


Nov 22, 2023

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World of Warcraft icon Asmongold has called out Imane “Pokimane” Anys for calling fans “broke” for not wanting to purchase her new cookies.

Pokimane recently launched a new snack line focused on healthy cookies, but some fans felt they were being deceived by the content creator. Not only did they seem quite similar to an already existing snack brand but it basically is $7 per small bag.

She responded to ongoing criticism by calling some fans “broke” for not wanting to buy them.

“When people are like, ‘Oh my god, $28 for cookies?’ It’s four bags. That’s $7 a bag. I know math is hard when you’re an idiot, but if you’re a broke boy, just say so,” Pokimane said at the time.

Pokimane faces backlash for “broke boy” comment

After the internet exploded over Pokimane’s jab at some fans’ finances, the leader of the simps came out with an apology on social media.

Pokimane claimed that the comment was “100% intended to be a joke” and aimed only at one troll on her stream who commented about her cookies. She added that she would try to make Myna more affordable.

Unfortunately, not many people accepted her apology. A lot of fans, including Asmongold, felt that it wasn’t a joke when she said it.

Even though the WoW streamer was sent some Myna cookies to sample for free, he still had a lot of negative things to say about Pokimane and her new snack line. While streaming, he said he didn’t believe Pokimane was joking.

“I think she meant it for real, just by what she said before and after. And you can even see that,” he said. “It doesn’t logically make sense that you would tell a joke and then justify it. Because if you knew it was a joke, you wouldn’t justify the joke right?”

Asmongold then wondered why she couldn’t just admit she was being a jerk and apologize.


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