Asmongold explains why he’s contemplating leaving FFXIV again

By Olivia Richman


Jul 3, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Asmongold is known for his MMORPG prowess and outspoken nature, but those collided recently when the popular Twitch streamer called out the Final Fantasy XIV Online fandom.

Asmongold decided to start playing FFXIV again in September 2021 and has been getting a lot of attention for his Stormblood expansion content. While the World of Warcraft streamer previously stated that FFXIV is the new “leader of MMOs,” it seems that it’s not a fun experience for Asmongold anymore.

Asmongold explains why he’s frustrated with FFXIV after return

Asmongold recently decided to explain why he isn’t too happy after returning to FFXIV. On July 1, he said he’s “not quitting” FFXIV but wanted to express some ongoing concerns with creating FFXIV content going forward.

According to Asmongold, he doesn’t want all of his streams and Reddit threads to be about Final Fantasy. He feared that anything else he does will get “downvoted” and people will be “mad” in his chat.

“It becomes very constraining, if that makes sense. So I’m not a fan of that all,” Asmongold explained.

Another issue with the Final Fantasy audience and its gatekeepers, Asmongold added, is that FFXIV players will continue to question if he actually enjoys the game. He explained that they will often put his complaints through “purity tests,” determining if he’s a true fan or not. This is something that “only happens with Final Fantasy,” Asmongold said.

“I would like to play the game and not have people find problems with it. Because, I’ll be honest, if that keeps happening I’ll just not play. I don’t want to deal with that. Why would I willingly sign myself up for something that’s unenjoyable?”

For Asmongold, it’s not the game itself that has him questioning if he wants to continue playing but the community. Some Final Fantasy XIV fans fought back against Asmongold’s criticisms, explaining that they were frustrated with his streams because he puts “FFXIV” in the titles but doesn’t play the game for the majority of the stream.

“I can understand people that are annoyed when he makes a big announcement to start playing [FFXIV] and then it takes him five hours to start it up…That’s why I watch him on YT instead, so I can pick whatever I’m interested in and skip the boring parts,” one fan said.


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