Are there new League of Legends champions in Arcane?

Nicholas James • November 12, 17:12

Riot Games’ new hit animated show Arcane has debuted to praise from fans and critics alike. The gorgeous animated venture created by Studio Fortiche has been Riot’s first proper attempt at traditional cinematic storytelling.


The first act alone has led to lots of fan theories and speculation about foreshadowing for hidden backstories. In addition to potential origin stories for champions being hidden in the series, fans are starting to wonder if the series might lead to a new champions being announced for League of Legends.

Arcane focuses on Hextech technology and its effects in Piltover and Zaun, so any champion making their debut would likely originate from these twin cities. Looking to Riot’s recent Champion Roadmap, we can see small previews for the next two champions. The one whose teaser looks most closely associated with Arcane’s region is the next to be released, a marksman. The preview image features a top-down view of a desk covered in blueprints for a fantastical gun that seems to shoot lightning. The aesthetic of tinkering, academic study, and magical invention align perfectly with Piltover’s thematic place in the setting.

These scribbled designs closely match depictions of Piltovan science seen in Jayce’s lab throughout Arcane’s first act. It seems likely that this new marksman is of Piltovan origin.

Is the owl mask-wearing character in Arcane a champion?

The most likely candidate for a new champion that’s already shown up in Arcane’s promotion is the owl mask-wearing figure who features in the show’s opening credits. The figure has shown up in previous promotional material alongside other similarly-clothed figures while engaging in combat with Jinx. The character is depicted as having a hoverboard of some type and is wielding a makeshift baton.

As of the first act’s conclusion, this mysterious figure has yet to make its appearance on screen. There’s no sign of the electrical gun from the Champion Roadmap, and this figure certainly doesn’t match the Ionian aesthetic of the support that was recently teased. If this owl-masked character is going to become a champion, Riot is doing an excellent job of keeping it under wraps.

It’s more likely this is a character unique to Arcane that won’t move far beyond the bounds of the show, much like the new antagonist Silco. The other fan theory surrounding this character is that it’s actually Ekko, given his prominent use of a stopwatch in Act 2. Ekko has been conspicuously missing from the second act despite featuring throughout the first.

There’s no solid indication at this moment that any brand new champions will be making their debut in Arcane, but it’s still a real possibility. The show is a landmark effort by Riot to break into the traditional entertainment space in a meaningful way, and bringing out an exciting new playable character to lure new players for League of Legends would be a solid tactic. For now, fans can enjoy Arcane without worrying about a new dramatis personae one-shotting them in-game as a result.


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