Arcane Season 2 confirmed by Riot Games CEO

By Nicholas James


Nov 20, 2021

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Riot Games’ smash-hit animated series, Arcane, finished its first season today but it seems as though a second season is likely to come.

The dark, stylized take on Piltover and Zaun has gotten rave reviews from established League of Legends fans, newcomers, and critics alike. After a slight cliffhanger ending, fans are clamoring to know about further seasons, wanting to see more of the story elements left in limbo after Arcane’s ninth episode concluded.

The great news for fans is that Riot Games CEO Nicolo Laurent has already said that Riot Games isn’t backing away from the monumental task of entering the traditional entertainment space. Riot Games is committed to Arcane season two, and possibly more, but it won’t necessarily be coming any time soon and it’s possible the development and release may be different.

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Where Arcane’s story leaves off at the end of the third act leaves plenty of space for more narrative. Many of the champions who star in the series haven’t yet evolved into the champions they are in LoL. This worried some fans, who saw the unresolved plot elements as loose threads trying to set up an unconfirmed sequel.

Fans worried about seeing more can rest easy, as Riot Games’ CEO took to Twitter in between Arcane’s second and third acts airing to publically announce that Riot is already all-in on the show, and there will be an Arcane season two.

When does Arcane season two release?

There is no confirmed release date for any further seasons of Arcane just yet, but fans shouldn’t be holding their breath.

While Riot has committed to further seasons, there’s no official comment on how far along those seasons are or how long they will be in development. Writers Christian Linke and Alex Yee have said that from its earliest ideations to the premiere, Arcane was in development for six years. While there’s no set date, many fans have said they’re happy to wait if it means a second season consistent with the quality, tone, and love for the lore of the first.


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