Arcane launches crossover with Just Dance 2023

By Nicholas James


Nov 16, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

The Just Dance games are going on a journey to Runeterra as a new collaboration between Arcane and Just Dance has been announced.

Just Dance is a series of movement games in which the player follows a glowing neon example to dance along to classic and contemporary songs. The long-running franchise recently announced an upcoming collaboration with Arcane, the animated adaptation of League of Legends’ story that released on Netflix in 2021.

Arcane Just Dance collaboration teased

The official Just Dance Twitter account posted a picture of one of the game’s signature neon instructors dressed up as a replica of Jinx from the Arcane series. The instructor stands on top of a Zaunite rooftop, where Jinx and Vi reunite in Arcane’s second act before Vi is kidnapped by the Fireflies gang. The teaser was clearly signaling the inclusion of some of Arcane’s acclaimed soundtrack for fans to dance along to.

This isn’t League of Legends’ first crossover with the Just Dance series, with songs from fictional pop band K/D/A making appearances in previous Just Dance games. The most likely candidate to be included in Just Dance 2023 Edition is Arcane’s theme song “Enemy” made by repeated Riot Games collaborators Imagine Dragons. Fans seem to be ecstatic to see Arcane’s soundtrack making its way to the Just Dance series, with plenty more songs from the series being proposed as additions.

Riot Games’ music production is lauded by fans as some of the best in the gaming industry, prompting jokes that Riot Games is a music company that makes video games to promote their music. Now things have gone full circle, with music created to promote one video game making its way into an actual music game for fans to dance along to.

Riot and Ubisoft have not yet officially announced which Arcane songs will be available in Just Dance 2023, but fans can probably expect the Imagine Dragons title theme as well as a song or two from the series’ soundtrack, given the high-profile artists who collaborated on it.


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