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Apex streamer reaches level 100 Weapon Mastery with Charge Rifle

By Olivia Richman


May 20, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

An Apex Legends player has just reached level 100 weapon mastery on one of the most cringe weapons in the game.

On May 18, streamer Chef_Snad announced that he has become the first player to reach level 100 for any weapon in Apex Legends — and he did it for the Charge Rifle. The Charge Rifle is often seen as the most obnoxious weapon in the game, a hitscan weapon with no drop-off range. To reach the 100th level, Chef_Snad had to accomplish challenges with the cursed weapon, including the 100th level: Down and finish two enemies from 200 meters away.

While this seems like a huge accomplishment, it, unfortunately, didn’t come with a unique skin. Reaching level 100 gets players a banner frame instead.

Chef_Snad also discovered that you could level up a weapon past 100. It’s unclear if anything comes of getting a weapon past level 100. Respawn Entertainment could be planning to add rewards for reaching a higher level later, but right now, there’s nothing for players that do this.

The dedication and grind it took Chef_Snad to get to level 100 on the Charge Rifle is admirable. But it apparently doesn’t even come close to some stats that pro players have on the annoying weapon. Top players will often use Charge Rifles to rack up damage with the energy gun. Beau Shiesty recently showed off 12.2 million damage with the weapon.

How to get to level 100 weapon mastery

Season 17 introduced the concept of Weapon Mastery, encouraging players to grind on certain weapons, learning them, and improving on them in theory.

As you use a weapon, you’ll unlock a weapon-specific trial every 20 levels. You’ll get a reward for each completed trial. You will be considered a “master” once you reach level 100 by completing all the weapon trials.