Catalyst abilities

Apex Legends Eclipse trailer shows Catalyst abilities in action

By Olivia Richman


Oct 21, 2022

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Following the reveal of Catalyst, Respawn Entertainment has dropped the Apex Legends Season 15 trailer.

The past month has been filled with an abundance of teasers and hints about what’s to come in Season 15, known as Eclipse, but this trailer is the first official and clear look at what’s to come to the battle royale. The trailer is focused on Catalyst and takes place on the moon where she once worked as a terraformer trying to protect the moon.

The Apex Games have disrupted her process and she is seen as being quite frustrated. She comes face to face with Seer, who she accuses of ruining the moon. The following battle between Seer’s squad and Catalyst gives a sneak peek at her possible abilities.

What are Catalyst’s abilities in Apex Legends?

The cinematic look at Catalyst’s abilities echoes previous leaks of the character’s kit. She uses ferrofluid to create structures in an attempt to shape the gameplay in her favor.

Unlike previous leaks, the ferrofluid appears to be sticky and liquid rather than solid. She uses it to trap enemies who step into it, similar to being stuck in a tar pit. This most likely means that she can place something on the ground that will slow down incoming opponents.

She also uses the substance to create a giant wall, which appears to be her ultimate ability. Seer tries to use his own ultimate but he can’t see anything through the wall. From the trailer, it’s difficult to tell if the ultimate doesn’t allow Seer and other enemies to scan around the wall or if her team teleported behind him.

If her ultimate didn’t allow Seer to scan through her wall, it would appear that Catalyst is Respawn’s answer to the growing frustration with the scan meta in Apex Legends. Seer and other intel-gathering legends have left the game feeling a bit unbalanced.

Season 15’s official full-length trailer will drop on October 24. Until then, Apex legends players can only speculate about what’s to come.


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