CSGO map Anubis is the most T sided of them all

By Kenneth Williams


Dec 13, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

New stats have revealed that Anubis is the most T sided map in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, but why is offense so rewarded?

After analyzing more than 800,000 rounds, CSGOstats.gg has revealed that Anubis is the most T sided map in all of CSGO. T side players enjoy a 5.5% higher round win rate on the Egyptian-themed battleground compared to Nuke. These numbers could change as top players develop new strategies, but the spiderweb layout will likely continue to favor the attacking side without major changes from Valve.

CSGOstats.gg analyzed over 800,000 rounds played in public matchmaking and determined that the T side players won 52.4% of all rounds played. For reference, the second-most T sided map is Inferno, with 50.3% of rounds won. This makes Anubis by far the most aggressively rewarding map in a game where the CT side almost always has a slight disadvantage.

What makes Anubis so T sided in CSGO?

Anubis being so T sided can be explained by the relative recency of the map and its unique lurk-friendly layout.

As the newest map, Anubis is by far the least explored venue in CSGO. The lack of general experience favors the T side, as forked entries and fakes become more difficult to respond to. Offensive utility is often much easier to deploy compared to defensive smokes and molotovs. As pros pick apart the map and players find more useful Anubis smokes, this factor could diminish within a few months.

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In addition to its recency, T players on Anubis also benefit from its uniquely interconnected layout. The T side starts each round with the majority of map control, meaning that all the great lurking spots spread throughout the map are immediately ripe for the taking. CT players also benefit from the nooks and crannies after taking the site, but Ts are guaranteed to have the resource every round.

Once pro teams start playing the new map in tournaments, CSGO players can learn once and for all if Anubis really is T sided or if recency bias is muddling the stats.