Amumu and Jarvan hit with the nerf hammer on LoL patch 11.20

By Christian Vejvad


Sep 29, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

League of Legends patch 11.20 is an upcoming smaller patch with nerfs to some significant solo-queue dominators. 

The fast-approaching patch will only be targeting 10 champions with nerfs and buffs but it might still be a patch that can shake up the meta in solo queue. In the most recent preview, it was detailed how Riot will be targeting both Amumu and Jarvan with nerfs. Both champions are currently crushing it in solo queue and Riot wants to put an end to those high win rates. 

Furthermore, the popular solo queue champion Darius will receive an unexpected buff despite being a champion that is known to do well on the ladder. If the buff will once again take Darius to the top of the win-rate chart is unknown, but it seems like lower ELO might be swarmed with Darius once again.

Amumu and Jarvan might exit the meta on patch 11.20 

To follow up on the two patches used at the 2021 World Championship, Riot will be looking to tone down a few champions that have popped off in recent patches. One of them is Amumu, who has performed very well as a support and jungler after receiving the rework to his Bandage Toss (Q). 

With the rework, Amumu is now able to cast Bandage Toss twice with a very short cooldown. This has turned out very strong to lock down targets for several seconds, so changes seem necessary. To control the strength of the Sad Mummy, Riot will be lowering the damage on Bandage Toss while increasing the mana cost to 70 at all levels.  

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The mana increase seems like the most significant nerf, as it will punish Amumu every time a Bandage Toss misses. The increased mana will force Amumu players to think a bit more before throwing the spell, to avoid running out of mana. 

Following the Amumu nerfs will be a much-needed nerf to Jarvan who has dominated the jungle on patch 11.19. With a win rate of over 52% over thousands of games played, it’s clear that Jarvan is currently in a bit of a broken spot. 

To tone down the Exemplar of Demacia, Riot will be lowering his Martial Cadence (P) damage from 10% current HP to 8% current HP. This will make Jarvan’s initial burst on a target lower and also slow down his clearing speed. Right now, Jarvan is a strong jungler in pretty much every aspect of the game while being able to dish out enough damage to carry his team. This might change with this passive nerf. 

For the buffs, Riot will be giving a helping hand to Darius, Elise, Hecarim, and Udyr. All champions have fallen a bit out of favor during the recent patches and could potentially make a return on patch 11.20. 

Patch 11.20 is set to hit the live servers on Wednesday, October 6. 


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