Amouranth pregnant

Amouranth comes under fire after apparent pregnancy joke

By Olivia Richman


Apr 1, 2022

Reading time: 2 min

Popular adult content creator Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa decided to make a joke on her April Fools’ Day stream, announcing that she and her boyfriend were pregnant during the live broadcast.

Naturally, rumors started swirling after the declaration with fans rushing to her social media pages to find proof of the alleged pregnancy. All across Instagram and Twitter, Amouranth appeared to be posting lewd images that didn’t show any signs of pregnancy. Of course, the photos could be older, or she could just not be showing yet, but there is no proof to be found that Amouranth is actually pregnant. While this means the pregnancy announcement was likely a joke, few people seem to have found it funny.

Is Amouranth pregnant?

It does not appear that Amouranth is actually pregnant, despite the immediate discussion and furor her announcement caused. Many people across social media have voiced disapproval of Amouranth’s apparent pregnancy joke. Some of the most vocal individuals expressed that Amouranth’s pregnancy proke isn’t funny because it deals with fertility issues, something that many women struggle with.

Infertility is a sensitive subject for many women and their partners. This has led to some backlash against Amouranth, as some have suggested that Amouranth should avoid making jokes about things that could be triggering for women that have dealt with fertility issues.

Others have responded to the controversy by reaffirming that it’s “just a joke,” wondering why it is being taken so seriously. For many of her fans and viewers, Amouranth putting a pregnancy announcement in her Twitch stream title was just another lighthearted April Fools’ prank.

Does Amouranth have a boyfriend?

Amouranth’s supposed pregnancy announcement had many people wondering not just about Amouranth’s alleged new baby, but also the public mention of a boyfriend. Amouranth has not publicly acknowledged having a romantic relationship during her streaming career, though some believe her to have already been privately married.

Earlier in March, Amouranth joked on stream that a blow-up doll was her new boyfriend. Her latest pregnancy joke could just be an extension of that.