Apex Legends Alter abilities

Alter abilities revealed and she may be OP

By Olivia Richman


May 3, 2024

Reading time: 2 min

It’s finally time for a new legend to join the Apex Legends roster and we have just learned what her abilities will be. After learning Alter’s mysterious and intruiging backstory as an assassin, we have now been given an early look at her kit before Season 21 begins.

Alter is a sinister legend with mysterious ties to the Apex Games. She has a past of killing people in violent ways, sometimes seeming to use a scorpion-like tail attachment, in an attempt to get revenge for being wronged. She also is apparently a Mahjong champ if that matters.

After having no new legend in Season 20, it’s safe to say that gamers are excited by the addition of Alter and are hoping that her abilities will shake up the game or change the meta. Here’s what she’s working with.

Alter abilities leaked ahead of Season 21

Respawn Entertainment has shared a first glimpse at Alter’s interesting abilities, which were previously leaked by dataminers ahead of the trailer.

Here is what Alter is capable of.

Passive: Gift From the Rift

Alter has a passive ability called Gift From the Rift that lets her claim one item from a Death Box even if she’s not near it.

Tactical ability: Void Passage

This ability allows Alter to create a portal passageway that lets her move through otherwise solid surfaces. These portals last 10 seconds.

Ultimate ability: Void Nexus

Alter can create a regroup point for her entire squad so everyone can travel back to that exact location, perfect for aggressively taking locations or avoiding tough encounters without getting eliminated. The portal lasts 120 seconds.

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Will Alter be good?

Apex Legends fans are pretty excited for Alter’s arrival but are a bit worried she might be a bit OP compared to other mobility-based legends. It seems like she has better abilities than legends like Ash, making these legends feel underpowered or irrelevant.

Others have guessed her tactical ability will be too far too strong. Alter may be an answer to control legends since the portals let her avoid traps at entrances to certain areas or buildings.