All we know about the new Valorant map Fracture so far

By Fariha Bhatti


Aug 31, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games is gearing up to roll out the seventh location to expand the Valorant pool, and it’s already more impressive than other maps. 

After a delay in releasing Episode 3 Act 2, Riot Games has indicated that new updates are coming in hot. The developer hasn’t officially commented what the next act has in store but teasers suggest a lore-heavy map is in the making. 

Riot Games has revealed the first look into the brand new location dubbed “Fracture.” 

While fans were awaiting the arrival of agent 17, data miners suggested that a new map will be added first. The recent teaser confirms that Riot Games has cooked up a futuristic location that features indoor and outdoor views. Unlike other Valorant maps, this one seems more disastrous, as if it has sustained severe terminal damage. 

Riot Games previously delivered Breeze, one of the calmest and visually pleasing locations in Valorant. Fracture is the polar opposite, as it has the classic dusty theme with ferns shading over the area. The first teaser featured a bomb point, which is called a Reactor, similar to Bind. As opposed to sleek indoor space, the outside is rustic. 

The second teaser is likely from an attacker or defender spawn, sparkling with a violent stream of current. Enclosed tunnels can also be spotted, which means that this map might be one of the smaller ones. Players have found it tough to tackle Breeze’s large mid area so Fracture will be a treat for a specific playerbase. 

Riot Games adds a unique feature in each map like Icebox’s horizontal ziplines, Bind’s teleporters, Haven’s triple point, so this new location might also bring an interesting new mechanic to the game. Considering the electric hazards in the game, players should expect trailblazing doors, elevators or something similar to Ascent’s automatic jammers. 

Valorant’s new map Fracture has intense backstory 

According to credible leaker Mike, Fracture is a top-secret experiment site split apart by a radianite-fueled disaster. It flips the script on attackers with aggressive defender positioning on a new dual-biome map. His explanation seems logical as the developer has also dropped a hint related to a Radianite filled firearm. 

Riot Games has released a suspicious teaser of a massive bullet that even leakers and data miners have failed to dissect through. The pink shell looked similar to Astra’s gauntlet but is large enough to contaminate large areas. 

The bullet has deadly Radianite stored within a shell of gold, which seems like an agent ability. However, ValorLeaks earlier confirmed that this act wouldn’t include a new agent. It’s likely a teaser for upcoming cinematics for the new map or a peek into the bazooka that destroyed the now ruined location Fracture.