Your Honor

All we know about Showtime’s Your Honor Season 4

By Fariha Bhatti


Jun 19, 2023

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Showtime’s crime-drama series Your Honor was a hit among the fans of Breaking Bad fame Bryan Cranston, but is it returning for Season 4? Here’s what we know.

Fans have always seen Bryan Cranston as Walter White, so when Your Honor was announced in 2020, it instantly topped the charts. Your Honor was Showtime’s one of the top TV shows, even though it was initially released as a miniseries. However, the show’s popularity convinced the producers to roll out a second season.

Now fans want to know, will Showtime renew Your Honor for Season 4?

Will Your Honor have Season 4? 

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Your Honor will not be renewed for Season 4. It has been confirmed by the lead actor Bryan Cranston, who said that Season 2 was the last one. 

“I am preparing for the second and last season of Your Honor, a limited series I did for Showtime. As they tell me, it got higher ratings than any other series they’ve ever had — and so, one more season of that,” he said

So this clears the air regarding Season 4. Still, the lead actor is open for another season, even though it may not have him on the roster, considering Season 2 had a satisfactory ending. Michael Desiato, a judge played by Bryan, ends up in prison to pay for the crimes he committed, first trying to protect his son and then against the mafia world. 

However, fans are still looking forward to another season of Your Honor. Even if Season 4 does happen, it may have someone other than the judge in the lead role, considering his character arc doesn’t have much to offer to the storyline anymore. The production may opt to introduce new characters or shift the spotlight towards side characters in the current storyline. 

Fans can still watch Seasons 1 and 2 of the popular show Your Honor on Showtime. 


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