All the ranked rewards changes coming to Wild Rift

By Nicholas James


Dec 2, 2021

Reading time: 2 min

Riot Games has announced a ton of changes coming to Wild Rift in Patch 2.6. Alongside a deluge of skins, URF, new champions, and more, the way ranked and rewards for ranked play function is changing.

Players will be able to claim skins and other rewards as a part of their ranked play. Glorious Skins are being made a bit more difficult for higher-ranked players to claim, but those who play regularly will still be able to claim their gold-framed skins and loading screen splashes.

What are the ranked rewards in Wild Rift 2.6?

In the developer blog post from Riot Games, the new functionality of the Season Rewards Track is detailed, reminiscent of the Wild Pass. As you play ranked games, you will receive ranked points that contribute to this ranked season’s rewards.

The Glorious Skins were previously a ranked reward for Wild Rift players that reached above Gold in ranked play. Now players will have to earn them during each phase of ranked play, the next of which will unlock on January 7.

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What are Ranked Coins?

Players who manage to reach Gold will still get a small extra congratulatory prize, with a unique loading screen splash flair on Glorious Orianna’s art. As you advance through the pass and play ranked, you will earn Ranked Coins, which can be used in the Ranked Store to purchase rewards.

Riot Games also announced that Wild Rift players will get the chance to earn Season 1’s ranked reward, Glorious Tryndamere, and that the next Glorious skin will be Glorious Jinx in Season 5.

Weekend Reward Series brings bonuses for weekend play

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Finally, Riot has also announced they will be adding the Weekend Reward Series. This will give players rewards for playing games during the weekend, and give them double the ranked rewards for following games depending on their performance.

The Weekend Reward Series is meant to have all the fun of a traditional promotion series in League of Legends without any of the negative experiences that those can yield.


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