Celebrate CS10 with these budget CSGO sticker crafts for under $15

By Kenneth Williams


Aug 20, 2022

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CS10 brought a ton of new stickers to Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and that means plenty of new budget crafts and skin-sticker combos.

CSGO skin aficionados now have 65 new stickers to play with, and 50 of them are selling for less than the price of a capsule. It’s a great time to buy in for players on a budget, and even established sticker freaks have reason to invest. With the right bases, it’s possible to make some amazing crafts without spending a ton of money. Here are three budget craft ideas with the newest stickers added to CSGO on some familiar skins.

Smokes and Slates make amazing budget CS10 crafts

When it comes to budget crafts, using an AK-47 | Slate as the base is practically cheating. The murdered-out paint job helps everything pop, and it’s a great opportunity to flex some new CS10 stickers. In this case, the new Smoke Out holographics are the perfect slaps for a new T rifle craft.

AK47 Slate CS10 crafts

It’s difficult to find a good purple skin to match with the Smoked Out, but the Slate combined with the thin yellow outline makes the whole image stand out. This craft could also use a number of other CS10 stickers, but a minimal wear Slate and four Smoked Outs currently require a budget of just $7.44 as of this writing.

Flex on CT with a Dragon Lore-themed M4A1-S

While some complain that the Basilisk is too plain, it works perfectly for a Dragon Lore-themed craft that costs less than $15. Five of the new CS10 sticker pay homage to the game’s most iconic cosmetics by turning their central figure into a baby. Despite it’s namesake fetching tens of thousands of dollars, the Baby Lore is still cheap at 63 cents.

Blog post image

The Baby Lore stickers perfectly fit the theme of the Basilisk. The etched snake in the middle becomes a parental figure, hence the missing slot near the magazine. With just three stickers, it’s worth splurging for a factory new Basilisk. It’s no Dragon Lore, but it’s a cheap CS10 craft that pays homage to the legendary AWP.

Celebrate CS10 with this flashy budget Deagle craft

The Desert Eagle is a weapon of precision and a new CS10 sticker is perfect for showing off your skills. The Desert Eagle | Light Rail is a neutral base that works well with warm colors, which is exactly what the Clicking Heads sticker brings to the table. The blue CS10 sticker costs just 9 cents on the Steam Market, which lets us spend more of the $15 budget on the base.

Desert Eagle Light Rail CS10 crafts

The yellow outline of the sticker blends in perfectly with the barrel while standing out even more closer to the handle. The StatTrak counter that hints towards previous headshots ties it all together for a skin themed around precision. The StatTrak factory new Light Rail is the bulk of this craft’s budget, but a full set of Clicking Heads stickers is less than 50 cents.


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