All the Lighthouse extracts in Escape from Tarkov

By Nicholas James


Dec 18, 2021

Reading time: 3 min

The latest map has been added to Escape From Tarkov, adding yet another environment for players to terrify players at every turn.

From new AI enemies called Rogues that even deadlier than Raiders to the not-yet-open Lighthouse area, there are lots of things to learn. Here’s a breakdown of all the most important new features on the Lighthouse map.

Lighthouse extracts in Escape From Tarkov

Lighthouse brings with it a new set of options for PMCs and Scavs looking to exfil from a lobby, which will double as new places to worry about getting exit-camped. Lighthouse functions much like Shoreline, with the main road running along the perimeter and clusters of buildings further in towards the center of the map.

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The road is the best way to get oriented, as it runs along the shore. On the northern corner of the map there is a PMC extract at the furthest possible point along the road. Just east of the North Checkpoint extract is the Armored train, which functions identically to the armored train on Reserve. The train will sound its horn once when arriving and once shortly before leaving and will take both Scavs and PMCs.

The next exfil is on the road connecting the train yard to the main road, at the furthest point east. There is a gate along this road that is the Industrial Zone Gate Scav extract point. From there the water treatment plant takes up a large swath of the terrain east from there. The only extract between here and the middle map is the Scav Hideout at the Grotto, which is just south of the water treatment plant past the road on a small beach.

The next extract is at the easternmost point of the rivers that run through the center of the map. Follow the river and head slightly south to find both the Path to Shoreline PMC and Scav extract.

The Mountain Pass extract is the most difficult to access, just north of the Villas. It will require a Red Rebel and Paracord to extract, as well as no armored vest

The final extracts are a Scav extract hidden under the abandoned dock on the large beach towards the Lighthouse area. Just across from this to the east is the PMC Side Tunnel extract, which is exactly what it sounds like. The Side Tunnel extract requires one PMC and one Scav for either to extract.

The final extracts are on the other furthest end of the road, with PMCs extracting through the tunnel and Scavs on the beach beside it or at the landslide. That’s the last of the Lighthouse extracts in Escape from Tarkov.

Rogues, the lighthouse, and the offices

There are a few unique aspects to Lighthouse as a map.

Firstly there are two zones that are not yet open for players to access. The first is a set of offices in the northeast corner of the map, and the other is the titular lighthouse and peninsula in the southwest.

The offices are merely inaccessible but attempting to access the lighthouse will get you shot to death by invisible Scav snipers. Battle State Games is being very clear that the in-person trader that’s going to be in the lighthouse is not yet open for business.

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The next most interesting point is the existence of Rogues in the water treatment plant. Rogues are similar to Raiders in that they are aggressive Scavs with very good gear. The difference between Rogues and Raiders is that Rogues will shoot BEAR PMCs on sight, while they will yell at USEC players to warn them off the property before opening fire. If you’re playing with a BEAR in your squad, it’s probably best to avoid the plant altogether unless you’re looking for a fight.

USEC soldiers who retaliate or otherwise kill Rogues will be remembered by them. In future raids on Lighthouse, offending USEC players will be targeted by the Rogues. This makes doing a purposeful raid on the water treatment plant an incredibly intimidating prospect.