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All the info on the possible Freljord hunter champion

By Nicholas James


Apr 16, 2023

Reading time: 2 min

A new Freljord hunter champion is rumored to be the next playable character released after the current batch that has already been announced.

According to content creator Big Bad Bear, the next unannounced champion has been leaked ahead of their arrival to live servers. The next three champions have already been previewed in previously-released Champion Roadmaps. The next champion will be Naafiri, a Darkin assassin, followed by a vampiric jungler and an artistic mid lane mage. Supposedly, these will be followed by a new Freljord hunter champion destined for the top or bottom lanes.

Freljord Hunter champion rumored to come next

According to a video published by League of Legends YouTuber Big Bad Bear, information has leaked about the last champion of the year slated for release. This champion would likely be announced in an upcoming Champion Roadmap, since those are frequently updated throughout the year. With Milio, the first champion from the last roadmap, out in the wild, it’s about time for Riot to preview the next playable character. Rioters have already said on Reddit that the next Champion Roadmap would release later in April, possibly early May. Supposedly this champion will be a Freljordian huntress with an AD playstyle designed for top or bottom lane.

The new huntress will be a woman, wielding a unique weapon of an unannounced variety. If it follows in the pattern of other Freljordian champions, it’s very possible that she will wield a True Ice weapon. True Ice can only be wielded by Iceborn, Freljordian descendants of Lissandra and her sisters Avarosa and Serylda. Those three made a dark deal with the Watchers for terrible power, and their descendants have gained resistance to the cold of the Freljord, as well as the ability to wield True Ice weapons.

This rumor is currently unconfirmed, but given the rapidly approaching Champion Roadmap, it seems plausible that this genuinely could be the next champion.


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