Alissa Violet featured in new Machine Gun Kelly single

By Olivia Richman


Dec 21, 2019

Reading time: 1 min

Model Alissa Violet, who once dated FaZe Clan team owner Richard Bengtson, is making big moves in the music industry. 

We all remember that Jake Paul diss Violet did with fellow YouTuber RiceGum. Unfortunately. For those that need, but probably don’t want, a refresher, here’s “It’s Every Night, Sis,” a song about Jake Paul being a bully and a cheater. 

While this song may be hard to stomach for some, Violet’s newest music endeavour is a little more mainstream. Some of the female vocals heard in the back of rapper Machine Gun Kelly’s new single, “Why Are You Here,” actually belong to Violet. And her fans are loving it. 

Upon learning that the backup vocals during the chorus belonged to Violet, her followers quickly gave her props. Some of her fans were not aware that Violet could even sing, which means thye must have been spared from her previous musical work, and they congratulated her on her seemingly newfound  talent. 

Despite the positive response, Violet has yet to publicly comment on her appearance in Machine Gun Kelly’s pop rock hit. 

This is definitely a different kind of attention for Violet, who was most recently in the headlines for some heartbreaking Twitter drama. The YouTuber had revealed that FaZe Banks had cheated on her multiple times, even sharing screenshots pointing to the affair. After accusing Jake Paul of cheating on her earlier, this must have been difficult for her to deal with once again. 

But now Violet seems to be coming out on top. Not only does she have some serious music industry experience, but her ex Jake Paul has expressed how much he misses their relationship in a recent music video. That song, “These Days,” has a lot of negative reactions piling up on YouTube, but Jake’s current wife Tana Moneau has stated publicly that she’s proud of Paul for expressing his feelings.