Alissa Violet dishes on FaZe Banks cheating, shows receipts

By Olivia Richman


Dec 2, 2019

Reading time: 2 min

FaZe Clan executive Richard “Banks” Bengtson’s social life has often made headlines in the esports community for his crazy antics and his dramatic relationship with Instagram model Alissa Violet. 

Recently, Violet has taken to Twitter to reveal details of their relationship that were once private to the public, and fans’ reactions are mixed. The couple had split up for undisclosed reasons in July. Many speculated what had led to their breakup, but nothing was certain. 

On November 22, another Twitter user asked Violet how she found out she was being cheated on. It took over a week, but Violet finally decided to answer the question this morning. 

“I was asleep upstairs with our dogs and he wasn’t next to me so I checked [the guest wing of our house] and caught him naked in bed with a random girl,” Violet responded. 

Her followers reacted with disappointment in Banks, especially for having the nerve to cheat on someone while under the same roof. One girl noted how “crazy” it was that the couple had appeared so happy on their social media posts. She said it was “terrifying” that someone can “look so in love” and then “just throw it all away like it’s nothing.” 

Another follower pointed out that Violet had waited almost a week and a half to respond, and some had even seen her delete her response the first time before tweeting it out again. It seemed that she had taken a lot of time contemplating if she should reveal such private information, but ultimately decided it was time to expose her ex. 

This is a lot different than the picture Banks had painted when they first split. 

“There’s litereally no drama,” he had tweeted when they broke up. “We have handled this offline for a month now.” 

Other followers speculated if Violet was referencing her more recent relationship with YouTube superstar Jake Paul instead. But some pointed out that Paul doesn’t have dogs, at least not in the public’s knowledge, so the story of sleeping next to their dogs didn’t seem to match up. 

FaZe Banks replies to Alissa Violet cheating accusations

An hour later, Banks confirmed the tweet was about him by tweeting “I love you.” 

This seemed to anger Violet, who responded with screenshots of conversations where Banks had used those same three words during heated arguments about his infidelity. 

“Did you ‘love me’ when I was in Orlando for my cousin’s wedding and you hooked up with a girl in our bed?” Violet had texted a person named “Scumbag,” most likely Banks, on her phone. 

According to the argument, Banks allegedly cheated at least three times, including the time Violet caught him with a “random whore” in their house and one time where he asked a girl to come have sex with him on SnapChat while he was eating dinner with Violet. 

“Did you ‘love me’ when I’ve been asking you for five months to help out with OUR dogs but you told me to ship them to my parents in Ohio because it was ‘too much for you?'” Violet tweeted after the screenshot. 

Banks’ followers tried to dismiss Violet as “irrelevent,” but even they acknowledged that Banks probably wouldn’t recover publicly from this situation any time soon.