Alinity shares shocking OnlyFans income during Twitch stream

Olivia Richman • May 27, 2021 3:08 pm

Controversial streamer Natalia “Alinity” Mogollon has run into a lot of drama on Twitch, including the time she was accused of abusing her pets and a NSFW wardrobe malfunction. Now it seems that Alinity has found a social media platform that has given her even greater success without the same rules and regulations: OnlyFans. 

During a recent stream with Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo, Alinity opened up about her OnlyFans career. While she wouldn’t give exact numbers, she admitted that she made more money on OnlyFans in two months than she did on Twitch in over 10 years of streaming. The revelation had Mizkif in shock. His jaw dropped as his friend joked that it had to be around a million dollars to be true. 

When Mizkif was finally able to speak again, he could only express his amazement. 

“Jesus Christ. Oh my fucking god. Damn Alinity. Two months of taking pictures and videos, you’ve made more than you did in 10 years playing games like Apex Legends?” 

How much does Alinity make on Twitch and OnlyFans?

Alinity has over 1.3 million followers on Twitch and her streams average over 1,700 concurrent viewers. She is considered a pretty successful female streamer, so the fact that she made more money on OnlyFans in such a short amount of time is definitely surprising for many people.

Other female streamers have also publicly noted their success with OnlyFans. Popular YouTuber Tana Mongeau said she made $3 million on OnlyFans in November 2020 alone. Hot tub streamer Kaitlyn “Amouranth” Siragusa uses Twitch to advertise her successful OnlyFans career, as do many other Just Chatting and Hot Tub category streamers. 

As OnlyFans models and influencers continue to flourish, Mizkif couldn’t help but wonder if he could also get in on the action. He asked Alinity if there was a good market on OnlyFans for men. 

“There is a market for everything,” Alinity said. 


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