Alinity called out by PETA, streamers for alleged animal abuse

By Olivia Richman


Dec 6, 2019

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The controversy never seems to end when it comes to streamer Alinity Divine and her pets. 

Model and streamer Corinna Kopf was suspended from Twitch for wearing a revealing tank top. She immediately brought up Twitch’s inconsistent banning, pointing out that Alinity was never punished at all even though she threw her cat on stream. 

“But her emails,” Alinity shot back, basically calling out Kopf for bringing her up when the ban was about her own wardrobe choice. 

Apparently, this response didn’t sit well with Kopf. The model retorted, “Girl, you let your dog stick its face in your vagina for 10 seconds.”

At the end of November, Alinity was in a compromising yoga pose while broadcasting when her dog, Luna, began stuffing her face into the streamer’s crotch. At one point the dog even appears to be licking and biting at her, which Alinity oddly does nothing about for an awkward 10 seconds. 

This strange incident ended with Alinity giggling at her dog to stop, but the Twitch community was not amused. They immediately made vulgar memes of the Twitch clip, hinting that this didn’t seem to be the first time her dog had done this since Luna was so quick to rush over. 

While those are just dirty allegations, the reason the Twitch community was so quick to find the moment suspicious is Alinity’s shaky past with her pets. She has not only thrown her cat on stream, but also spit alcohol into her cat’s mouth. She also lightly kicked her dog away from her in another viral clip, which didn’t sit well with viewers. 

Even after the SPCA stated they were going to investigate the situation, Twitch never suspended or banned Alinity’s account for animal cruelty. This sparked outrage from the streaming community and beyond, with PETA even demanding her account be removed from the platform. 

Alinity under fire again for strange clip with her dog

Now, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals is at it again. As the clip of Alinity’s dog burrying its head into her genitals continued to spread, PETA sounded off on Twitter about the streamer’s latest incident. 

“We are aware of the cruelty and have demanded Twitch take her off of the platform,” the organization tweeted.

While PETA is often the target of scrutiny themselves for their own unethical treatment of animals and overzealous campaigns, it seems that many people are in agreement with PETA that Alinity should be booted from Twitch as she continues to act strangely with her pets. 

As the backlash continued, Alinity decided to respond to the haters. 

The controversial streamer explained that she can be seen trying to push Luna away in the now-infamous clip. She also told her fans that she has “millions” of clips of her attempting to do a handstand, and this one happened to be interrupted by her dog. 

“People are, like, really mad about this. People think I should be banned for that.I think that’s so ridiculous. Seriously guys, y’all have gone way too far,” Alinity said. 

The streaming community, while displeased with the clip, has noted that it’s the stream where she threw her cat that makes them continue to demand she be banned. While some Reddit users have commented that the length at which Alinity allowed her dog to attack her crotch was “weird,” this shocking moment was just a reminder of other incidents that should have led to a ban, like feeding her cat alcohol. 

Interestingly, an artist by the name of Jon Grim was banned for seven days for simply drawing the incident on stream. 

“I got banned for drawing Alinity, the lover of dogs and thrower of cats, a silly picture. I totally deserve the ban and I’m even glad Twitch took action, just wish Twitch held everyone to the same rules,” he tweeted

On the Twitter thread, Grim revealed that Twitch suspended him for “bullying,” not for drawing something considered lewd. But he still stood by his statement that what Alinity did was worse than the drawing. 

“If Twitch won’t call them out then I guess we aren’t allowed to either,” he continued, noting that the stremaing platform was “protecting” their big name users. 

Grim also stated that Alinity “deserved” to be bullied for abusing animals. 


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